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Golden Nuggets: Is the run defense something to be concerned about?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, October 19th, 2023

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Barrows: 49ers mailbag: How Jim Schwartz outfoxed Kyle Shanahan, and what’s wrong with the run D? (paywall)

“Well, the run defense wasn’t very good on Sunday. But the 49ers are only giving up 80.2 yards a game on the ground, which is sixth best in the league. And that’s including the Browns’ 160-yard game.

Why were the Browns so effective? As noted above, they run the same defensive front as the 49ers, so they were well-versed in it. And while the 49ers mostly avoided wide runs, Cleveland attacked San Francisco’s edges, usually with success.”

Greg Cosell breaks down why ‘fraud’ narrative about Brock Purdy is wrong

“We all know what Brock Purdy is and what he isn’t as far as a pure thrower of the football. That’s all we’re talking about here, is a pure thrower of the football. He also made some unbelievably great throws in this game that showed his phenomenal anticipation. He hit Jennings, I believe, I think it was 17 yards, maybe, which was an unbelievable throw on an in-breaker, just phenomenal. The anticipation when he threw it, how he understood the defense intuitively, throwing it into an open void.

But he missed a few throws that were clearly there.

And by the way, in the first half of this game, the 49ers went up and down the field like the Browns defense wasn’t there. So this idea that the Browns defense just showed you something or dominated the 49ers, the tape did not show that at all. Now in the second half, they got way behind the sticks for any number of reasons: penalties, some bad plays. No quarterback, and certainly not Purdy, is going to convert 3rd-and-17s and teams and 3rd-and-23s. That’s just not going to happen. But this idea that the Browns took it to the 49ers, that’s not what the tape showed in the least.”

49ers hope Randy Gregory can help boost pass rush

“I think what we do well is attacking, getting up field,” Gregory said. “I think me and Coach Kris, that’s been the biggest thing we’ve talked about the last couple of days is just getting my feet down and having the right stance and just being able to get up field. I think that’s what they do well, cause havoc and that’s what I plan on doing.”

Mike Silver explains why he doesn’t love Jake Moody as 49ers’ kicker

And I do want to commend the 49ers coaches, and especially players, for the way they’ve handled this one because I saw zero signs of even private grumbling. There was a lot of, hey, we didn’t earn this game. We didn’t deserve to win it. It would have been cool to steal it, but we played bad. So I do think they’re doing the right thing and they’ve got Jake Moody’s back and all that....[Gould would] take a call but then there’d be another conversation that they hate having, which is really the reason, more than cap space or money that this has happened,” Silver said. “He would tell them — probably if my column were, say, a seven on a scale of 10 of thrashing, he’d give him an 11. And it wouldn’t be from his agent, it would be from him.”

Kurt Warner offers valuable insight to 49ers QB Brock Purdy amidst criticism

“That first year, we (the Rams) won the Super Bowl, I won a Super Bowl MVP, I won the [NFL] MVP, and everybody just said, ‘Well, show me you can do it again.’ And so, there’s all kinds of challenges that come into being a quarterback and all kinds of questions that you have to continue to answer. And so I don’t think it’s a negative thing, but when people have questions about you, that means you’re doing something right. They just want to see you continue to do it.”