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Richard Sherman tells Deebo Samuel to keep it on the field

Samuel and Lions defender Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had exchanged words on social media earlier in the week

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Detroit Lions safety CJ Gardner-Johnson and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel are in the midst of a war of words via social media and interviews.

Following last year’s NFC Championship game, the Eagles and 49ers have gone back and forth with each other about the circumstances that led to the 49ers defeat. Niners’ players contended they would have won if Brock Purdy finished the game. Eagles players disagreed.

Gardner-Johnson moved on this offseason to the Detroit Lions and ignited the feud again, mentioning that Samuel isn’t a receiver and a “running back.” Samuel fired back on the “Up and Adams” show and said he doesn’t think about Gardner-Johnson. The Lions and 49ers share the same record at the top of the NFC with the Philadelphia Eagles. The two teams may meet in the postseason. The 2023 scriptwriters are working hard to make the possible matchup even bigger.

Richard Sherman weighed in on the situation on Undisputed yesterday with Keyshawn Johnson and Skip Bayless.

Sherman said: “I like it. I like that, as long as you keep it on the football field and what we do on the football field. What gets me is when you say: Oh, let me catch you in the street. I don’t care nothing about that.”

Sherman has always been a master trash-talker. He’s transitioned into a role as a TV analyst and thrived. This Gardner-Johnson/Deebo beef has popped up out of nowhere again and seems trivial, considering the Lions and 49ers aren’t rivals and, as of now, won’t face each other. It feels personal from Gardner-Johnson’s perspective.

Social media has granted people the technology to express their thoughts at a moment’s notice. People often find themselves in hot water without thinking past the current moment. The only way to settle this is on the field. This discussion/beef is all noise at this point.

Here’s Sherman’s full quote from yesterday’s Undisputed: