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John Lynch is on the phones for potential trade offers

Whether one is going to manifest is another thing entirely.

The San Francisco 49ers under Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are no strangers to the NFL trade deadline. In 2017, Shanahan’s first year, the 49ers scored quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots. Two years later, they grabbed Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos. And October 20 of 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of the Christian McCaffrey trade.

With another trade deadline looming, many are wondering if—or who—the 49ers could go after this year to stay consistent with their trade splashes. According to John Lynch during his KNBR appearance, they are on the phones, but if anything should happen is another story:

I think this time of the year it’s a lot of phone calls with other teams; “Where you guys at? What are you looking for? Who’s available?” So it’s a lot of those things and then you start to hone in on, “ok in the right situation these are the guys we’d like to have.” And so it’s just a lot of communication with other teams. I think we’ve got a proven track record where we’re not afraid to be active and if it can help our team I think the one thing we’ve remained relatively healthy, Number 1. Number 2 we’ve got a pretty deep and talented roster already. So, it’s gotta really make sense for us, but we’re certainly not afraid to make a splash if needed and if it can improve us.

There’s been a few takes, including one on this site, saying the 49ers should stand pat and not get involved in trade craziness. Simply put, bringing anyone in on a crazy salary puts wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk’s already crazy money in jeopardy.

I’ll double down on that and say whose development do you want to stagnate bringing someone over? A lot of people are vocal about bringing Denver Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain II, and my question is, who do you bench to put him on the field? Ambry Thomas seems the logical choice given how he’s quickly becoming a liability, but I guess is it worth benching him for the high draft capitol the Broncos are going to command.

And for the record, there are reports saying that Surtain is not on the trade block so don’t get your hopes up anyways. Unless the 49ers can give up a 3rd or 4th round pick (not happening) Surtain isn’t worth it. The 49ers would need to extend him and that means figuring out who your favorite child is so to speak.