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Brock Purdy on people saying he’s a system quarterback: “I don’t really care”

He didn’t mince words when asked about this criticism

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

They are still coming out saying Brock Purdy is a system quarterback. Whatever. He had a bad game where he put the San Francisco 49ers in position to win it and Jake Moody missed the kick. I mean, quarterbacks never play a bad 3 quarters and then do a few things to win a football game, only to be praised as amazing sauce.

But as far as being a system QB, that’s nonsense. I don’t need to rehash this argument. Regardless, Brock Purdy was on the Rich Eisen show and got asked what he thinks of this whole system QB thing and had about as perfect of an answer as you could have:

“I don’t really care, in a sense. I just want to win I wanna help this team win. People can say what they want, that’s cool. I just wanna help this team win and reach our goals. Then we’ll see at the end of all this if that’s true or not.”

It’s kind of a dumb question, if you think about it. 15 games in and you’re a system QB, what do you have to say to that?

That said, after the Cleveland game, I’m seeing a lot of people pile on saying “Seeeeee?” or “He finally flamed out.”

As far as that’s concerned: Any idiot can say the same thing over and over and over again and be right once.

Back to Purdy and Rich Eisen. Give this interview a watch. We really don’t get much of Purdy outside of post-game press conferences and this sheds some light on the guy.