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What was your favorite mid-season Kyle Shanahan trade/signing?

Obviously the CMC trade was the best, but what was one where you said “ohhh yeah!”

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Fans are waiting on their social media with bated breath to know who the next contestant is on the 49ers big-name midseason trades.

Then I realized this has kind of become a thing. It seems like every other season the 49ers make some huge swing for someone and it winds up working out pretty well. They also offloaded players too.

I was kind of curious if everyone’s consensus favorite trade was Christian McCaffrey or if they have someone else they were going nuts over and jumping up and down, yelling “WE GOT ‘EM!”

For me it’s the Jimmy Garoppolo news. I was sitting in an office that night on October 31 doing work then all the sudden Fooch has a post that evening saying Jimmy G was coming to the 49ers. I was instantly excited. I didn’t know if it would work, but compensation was fair (2nd rounder) and we would see if he could run Kyle Shanahan’s offense and be a long-term solution over Kirk Cousins.

Even though I was excited and saw it as a good move nothing could have predicted the run he put the 49ers on at the end of the season. He almost made it easy, despite only knowing a page or two of the playbook. The best part of the 2017 Kyle Shanahan season was how the wins were “meaningless” or at least those were the takes I read by some people. I was even more impressed the team played that hard knowing there was nothing to play for. Especially after watching them quit on Chip Kelly and Jim Tomsula. People wanted their draft pick for whatever the reason. The 49ers still got Mike McGlinchey which I think was the right choice.

From that season onward, Garoppolo signed a long-term deal and thankfully wasn’t a bust for free agency in the likes of Scott Mitchell. While Garoppolo never got to where we wanted him to be, he still was solid and provided stability at the quarterback position for the entirety of his deal. Unfortunately, while he’s a good quarterback, he’s not worth $30 million or whatever he’d want on the open market.

I’m on record saying I hated the CMC trade when it happened saying “Mike Ditka thinks that’s a bad trade” and other nonsense. I was wrong. It very well could have been the best trade this team has made midseason. It’s just not my favorite. Mostly from my own emotion and the fact the 49ers were already good without CMC. He just made them ridiculously better. Garoppolo transformed the team overnight when he started taking snaps.

So in the Kyle Shanahan era, what was your favorite move? Was it Jimmy G? Emmanuel Sanders? Christian McCaffrey? Someone they dealt for a pick?