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Vikings vs. 49ers 4th quarter thread: It’ll take another comeback effort by the Niners

It’s only a one possession game

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

We’d see what adjustments the defense and Wilks would make out of the gate, as it would be up to them to get stops and the offense the ball back.

There were no stops as the Vikings scored on their first possession of the half after an 11-play, 77-yard drive. Minnesota had gains of 11, 27, and a pass interference that brought the ball to the 1-yard line. Thanks to a false start and the Vikings’ inability to run the ball, a field goal was all Minnesota got to make the score 19-7.

If you went to the fridge during the commercial break, you probably missed their touchdown. McCaffrey caught a pass for 12 yards. Then, Purdy found Kittle for 28 yards. Finally, on a swing pass, McCaffrey outraced every defender after making Byron Murphy miss for a 35-yard touchdown. Moody’s extra point made the score 19-14.

The Vikings, who had scored four possessions in a row, only needed five plays to reach midfield. After converting on a third down, Minnesota was up to 6-of-8 on third down. We weren’t out of the third quarter and Cousins had surpassed 300 yards.

It was shocking seeing the Vikings’ offense move the ball up and down the field as easily as they did. Cousins played well, which he usually does, but it looked more like the ‘98 Vikings. The defense couldn’t cover, and the pass rush couldn’t affect Cousins, no matter how many rushers Wilks sent.

San Francisco finally got a third down stop. That forced the Vikings kicker, who was undrafted, to attempt a 54-yarder. His kick was good and that made it 22-14 to end the third quarter.