Another year... another "next year"...

How is this happening? WITH THIS ROSTER??? One let-down game is humbling, but two let-down games in a row is revealing. Two losses like this, back to back, against losing opponents, with this much elite talent on offense and defense, is UNACCEPTABLE. Far too much player talent to be putting a product like that on the field two weeks in a row.

- Steve Wilks is a total bust as DC and needs to turn in his keys to the building before the flight home lands. He has turned what should be the best defensive unit in the league into an average squad at best. He inherited platinum and has let it depreciate into a nickel-based alloy. He is a lazy, detached "booth" coordinator, in stark contrast to the on-field, fired-up, player-centric leaders we got used to seeing in Saleh and Ryans. If there were ever a more deserving mid-season coach/coordinator firing than this chump, I'm open to convincing arguments.

- I have officially joined the loud and growing chorus singing out against Kyle Shanahan. Continuously falling short against sub-par teams. Continuously putting an unprepared squad on the field to lose to obviously overmatched opponents. For God's sake, how much more does this guy need to win these games? Lynch has handed him extraordinary talent over the last few years, only to come up short time and time again. Yes, he's been pretty good during his tenure, but he just doesn't seem to rise up to the excellence of the players on the field when it matters. At what point does Kyle get handed his walking papers?

- No, I don't blame Brock for this loss or the last. He had a good game tonight - except when it really mattered. He had a chance to show the world that he could carry this team on his shoulders and come through with some magic when the game was on the line. He fell short. Yes, he's 10-2 as a starter which some really good stats. The problem now is that he's 10-0 when given a huge lead, BUT 0-2 when fighting from behind. I'm not saying his star has fallen just yet, but it is sort of hanging there in the sky at this point. Niner fans will always be historically spoiled by Montana and Young. We're perpetually waiting for - and expecting - the "next coming" of those magical superheroes. But the fact is that with the talent this team has assembled, that magic shouldn't even be necessary. Brock is good enough to lead this offense to consistent prosperity week after week. Would bringing in Sam Darnold (who many think is really "Kyle's guy") change things for the better? Maybe or maybe not. But I do think the problem lies elsewhere at this point.

- BTW, why did Kyle continue to lean on CMC when he was plainly ineffective in the run game tonight? He was obviously nowhere near 100% and could never get going. Meanwhile he had two really good, fresh, strong, capable running backs standing on the sideline - Elijah Mitchell and Jordan Mason. (Particularly Jordan Mason who has been great in relief over the past several weeks.) Yet another coaching blunder IMO.

Not sure I even want to watch next week's game against the Bengals. And no, I'm not a "fair weather friend". Truth be told, I found much greater satisfaction watching the Niner's scratch and crawl their way back to relevance during the last 25 years, during the bleak times, rebuilding twice over, than I do watching this current All-Pro, All-Madden, All-Century team go out and trip over their own feet.

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