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Golden Nuggets: On to the Bengals

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Brock Purdy enters concussion protocol, as potential Sam Darnold start looms – KNBR

“With the abbreviated timeline, it would seem likelier than not that Sam Darnold will start this weekend. That, of course, is subject to change, and the concussion protocol is not a predictable process.

Shanahan confirmed Purdy was allowed out on the field for part of walkthroughs on Wednesday, so he will have knowledge of the game plan.”

Kyle Shanahan on ill-timed blitz: Steve Wilks ‘knows he messed up on that call’ – KNBR

“There are major questions to be asked of the defense at the moment. It does not look anywhere near as dominant as it has in past seasons, and those questions start with Wilks.”

49ers concerned about sluggish defensive line play

“After Monday’s loss, Bosa said “you can kind of get lulled to sleep by some of the protections,” meaning when running backs or tight ends chip and/or the offensive line slides a certain way repeatedly, you come to expect more of the same. But when they change it up, it can stop you in your tracks and lead to missed opportunities.

Of course, the Niners aren’t the only defense facing offenses trying to mitigate pressure from a standard pass rush. Opposing quarterbacks are getting the ball out in an average of 2.71 seconds, which is tied with the Baltimore Ravens for 10th-quickest in the NFL.

But the Ravens are first in the NFL in sacks (29) and 10th in pressure rate (30.5%) while only blitzing 21.5% of the time. In other words, their best pass-rushers are winning consistently and, when it’s time to throw a curveball, defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald is picking his spots and hitting them.”

49ers overreactions: Was Nick Bosa’s contract extension a mistake?

“For what it’s worth, PFF still has Bosa rated as the No. 2 edge rusher in the league behind Cleveland’s Myles Garrett.

The biggest issue with Bosa is that he does not have much help along the 49ers’ defensive line. No player in the NFL faces as many double teams as Bosa.

Of the many things to criticize with the 49ers’ defense, Bosa is far, far down that list.”

49ers game review: What Nick Bosa’s film reveals about missed sack chances (paywall)

“Consider that Bosa was solo blocked on 30 of his 40 pass rushes and was unblocked on another, an incomplete screen pass to his side on which he applied pressure in the third quarter. Bosa was double-teamed on three snaps and he was chipped by a tight end or running back before engaging with O’Neil or left tackle Christian Darrisaw on six snaps.

Bosa has been unblocked on two of 2.5 sacks this season. And he was largely unblocked on his only hit on Cousins. In the second quarter, on second-and-24 from Minnesota’s 46-yard line, Bosa was chipped by tight end T.J. Hockenson, who went out on a route, and wasn’t touched as he looped inside to drill Cousins, who still delivered a 14-yard completion.”

Kirk Cousins might have given Kyle Shanahan something to think about for 2024

“Monday night’s performance by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins could echo into the offseason.”