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Now’s the time to raise an eyebrow over Brock Purdy’s injury “history”

Now that he has close to a full NFL season under his belt, he’s got both a torn elbow, a concussion and a nagging rib injury

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The whole Brock Purdy is injury prone was a bad take. Key word: Was. Now that he’s in the concussion protocol, that’s three injuries in almost what could be considered an NFL season if you combine what he played in last year.

There’s the elbow destruction he had against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship.

The rib injury he suffered against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then played through against the Seattle Seahawks. CT

Now there’s concussion protocol. And like the Seattle game, he may still be able to play on Sunday.

That’s a vicious hit he took Monday Night. There is no arguing that, but that’s another game where his status has come into question. No one is questioning the dude’s toughness. Need I remind anyone he played with bruised ribs (painful as [decorum]) in one game and an elbow dangling from a single tendon like it were ducted tape in the other? What we can question is his durability.

One of the biggest questions with Jimmy Garoppolo (and being proven yet again while he is with the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders) is his availability. While Garoppolo was efficient in stretches, he’d also be injured for stretches requiring backups to come in. Garoppolo’s foot injury was how Brock Purdy got the starting job in the first place.

While “Wins” might be the best QB stat that isn’t, availability isn’t far behind.

Injuries are going to happen, especially in the NFL. This isn’t time to panic, but the fact he’s had three injuries in what can be considered a full NFL season is definitely time to raise an eyebrow about his durability.

According to reports on Friday, Purdy is practicing and on track for a potential Sunday start. Purdy did not answer questions on Friday due to being in the protocol, but could play. That’s twice now where he’s been hurt and played through it.

And unlike his elbow, concussions can happen more frequently after the first one. Could more be on the way? Or is this just an isolated incident and Purdy will not get injured again in a few years.

Any way you splice it, the amount of not just injuries, but serious injuries afflicting Purdy is concerning. On the other end of it, this is a Kyle Shanahan offense, and he’s been forced to change quarterbacks more in-season due to injuries than some people change clothes.

If the latter is the case, maybe the fact this is happening again is time for the 49ers to start really investing in protection in the offseason should they encounter another game or two without Trent Williams.

Then again, we’ve seen Matthew Stafford go on IR his first two seasons, so maybe Purdy will toughen up as time goes on.