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Brock Purdy’s worst game is still better than a certain quarterback’s career average

Let’s rile everyone up.

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Yes, Brock Purdy didn’t have a good game against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday, but since it’s Saturday, and we love talking quarterbacks here, I found a stat line to compare his bad game to. This is a career average of 1 Touchdown to 1 interception per game (rounded up from .63), 67.6 completion percentage and an 194 yards.

You probably know where I’m going with this. Who’s career stat line is that? Why now Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s.

So yes, Brock Purdy played better in one of his worst games than Jimmy Garoppolo’s career average. We already went through the deal of how his two picks against the Vikings may have been the result of concussions or missed communication. Something was definitely off with both of those. Kyle Shanahan’s play calling wasn’t doing Purdy any favors either.

If you look at how disappointing his bad game was and compare it to someone who we can all agree did it at a satisfactory level, it’s not so bad. If this is the floor, at least we know Brock Purdy won’t become Brock Osweiler anytime soon. Could he improve? Absolutely. He just hasn’t stunk up the joint yet with his play.

If Purdy’s floor is Jimmy Garoppolo’s average, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.