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Aaron Rodgers on 49ers QB Brock Purdy: “He’s a pretty damn good player”

The 49ers quarterback is earning strong praise around the league after a career game.

The San Francisco 49ers cruised through to a 35-16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4, aided by the career efforts of running back Christian McCaffrey, who scored four touchdowns, and quarterback Brock Purdy, who completed 20/21 passes for 283 yards in an extremely efficient performance.

Through four weeks, Purdy has slowly continued to earn league-wide attention, and that only skyrocketed following his strong Week 4 performance.

It’s safe to say the quarterback has a fan in New York Jets star Aaron Rodgers, who chimed in on the 49ers signal-caller’s performance on The Pat McAfee Show during his weekly Tuesday appearance.

“I didn’t see the game [vs. the Cardinals], but I saw the stats, and I’m a fan, for sure,” Rodgers said. “I think he’s done some great things.”

While Purdy has steadily improved early in his NFL career, the quarterback’s performances have come with caveats, given head coach Kyle Shanahan’s play calling ability or the team’s elite skill-position players.

However, Rodgers believes that when it’s said and done, Purdy will be seen as a good quarterback.

“I think people always have to have some sort of caveat, like Kyle [Shanahan] is such a great play caller and he’s got CMC(Christian McCaffrey) and Deebo [Samuel] and [George] Kittle and all these guys. At some point, I think some of that’s going to die down. They’re going to realize that Brock’s a pretty damn good player.”

Rodgers revisited some of the top quarterback performances around the NFL during Week 4 and praised Purdy for the way he’s played thus far, which he believes will change doubters’ minds.

“It’s hard to play in this league,” Rodgers said. “Brock has done some great things, and at some point, people are going to be like, ‘Okay, well, maybe it’s not just that Kyle’s a great play caller, and he’s got these weapons.’ But you still got a guy who’s got to pull the trigger every single time and make decisions.”

“And I watched the game a couple of weeks ago, and I thought he made like three or four really high-level throws. Back-shoulder throws, and tight-window throws, and a couple of look-offs. So, I got nothing but praise for Brock and respect for the way he’s played.”

Purdy has been highly efficient, completing over 72 percent of his passes while becoming the first 49ers quarterback to throw for over 1,000 yards through four games since Jeff Garcia in 2000.

While the weapons around the quarterback have certainly aided the offensive explosion, Purdy himself has continued to improve, and it’s clear that players around the league are taking notice.