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Elijah Mitchell is officially out for Sunday night; Kyle Shanahan talks Randy Gregory

Initially, the 49ers had hoped that Elijah Mitchell’s injury was day-to-day. But Kyle Shanahan said now that it’s more week-to-week

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The 49ers officially injury report is a short one. Elijah Mitchell will be out with a knee injury, while backup offensive lineman Jon Feliciano is questionable.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan initially thought that Mitchell’s injury as day-to-day. Now, it’s week-to-week. Shanahan said it was originally day-to-day as the team thought Mitchell had a chance this week.

Randy Gregory

As you’d expect, Shanahan answered a series of questions about the 49ers newest edge rusher. Here they are.

Can you fill us in on what attracted you to LB Randy Gregory and what you’re expecting from him?

“Just playing against him over our career, two years ago, when we played him up there in Dallas, he was as good of a rusher as we’d gone against. And just the fact that we had an opportunity that he was available, being able to add a guy like that, we feel he’ll make our team better and so we didn’t hesitate to do it.”

What’s his schedule as far as getting in?

“Just met him. He came in today, took his physical and stuff, so just got a chance to meet him. So I was a little bit late here. But he’s going to head back today, see his family, get his stuff and he’ll be out here Monday.”

Head back to where?


When did you say he’s coming back?

“Monday, yep.”

That would kind of rule him out for Sunday?

“Yeah. I don’t want to give our secrets away, there’s a chance.”

Do you have a corresponding roster move?

“Yes, we do. I don’t think until tomorrow. So I don’t want to say it here. We’re taking care of that now. I don’t know if we have yet or not.”

Position wise, will it probably be on the defensive line?

“Most likely.”

He’s obviously had his history of suspensions in his career, just part of his background. Did that give you guys any pause about bringing him in?

“Yeah, you look into all that stuff always, but you always judge a guy when you get to know him and it’s our first time to do it. But also there’s a lot of people I know really well that speak extremely high of him and it’s very consistent. So I’m excited about the person we got, the character of the guy, from what I’ve been told from everyone who knows him. And we love the tape. I know he has messed up at times in the past, but from the type of person I’ve been told that he is, we’re really excited to have him here.”

When you look a player like him, and especially on the defensive line, just knowing what Defensive Line Coach Kris Kocurek has been able to do with guys who maybe haven’t lived up their potential. How much does that play into it, just knowing that, I’m sure you trust all your coaches, but particularly with Kris’ track record?

“Yeah, I think just it’s unique with our D-line that our style is hand in the ground and it’s attacking first and foremost. And there’s certain skill sets that guys have that always gives them the best advantage. When you have guys who have good get off speed and power their best advantage is to play in a scheme that allows them to do that every play, everywhere. You get to do it at times, but specifically in what we do, you get to do it every play.”

The reported compensation and what you’re going to pay him, it seems like a low risk move for you guys that could have a payoff…

“Yes, that’s why we felt extremely good about it, especially making the trade for it, just having to flip the sixth and seventh and not hurting anything money-wise. So we felt fortunate to add on our team.”

Is the team control for three years past this year without any guaranteed money attractive as well, as far as being able to cross that bridge when you get through it?

“I’m sure it is, but right now I haven’t looked much past this week, but I’m sure that is.”

What kind of sense did you get in talking to him about his eagerness to be here and did you share with him what you expect from him once he’s here?

“Yeah, I think he’s got a good idea. I think he knows how our team is. He knows some guys on our team, he spoke to our coaches, got to meet everybody today. He seems fired up. Our team’s fired up. Even the guys that didn’t know him, they’re aware of him from playing against him. I know how excited our O-line was when they found out too.”

How did he look in in Denver? He obviously lost his starting job, which sort of started this movement to trade him.

“I haven’t studied him for this year. Especially this time of year, that’s everything upstairs. And I know Kris was able to look at him before we pulled the trigger, but obviously good enough.”