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The 49ers remain perfect as does Jake Moody

Yep, it’s Saturday. Let’s talk about kickers

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

One thing lost in all this talk last week with the 49ers starting 4-0 for the first time since 2019 is the other perfect record. Jake Moody. Now that we are into Week 5, we’ll be eyeing that record of his even more closely. For one it’s his rookie season and he’s had comparisons to Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker, for another the 49ers spent a 3rd round pick so it will be interesting to see if you lived up to the amount spent.

So about that third round pick? He struggled a bit in preseason but now we are in the regular season, where things actually count. Going through Week 4 Moody now is 9-9 on field goals, 14-14 on extra points, and his longest is 57 yards. Those are not shabby numbers for a rookie.

So sad thing is, we didn’t get much in terms of field goals against the Arizona Cardinals in the 49ers 35-16 win. You can bet he’ll be on display for the Sunday Night Football contest against the Dallas Cowboys. The defense will no doubt force Jake Moody to demonstrate his special skill.

Is there anything concerning about Jake Moody? Well kicking it out of bounds on kickoffs isn’t ideal. Twice in one game certainly isn’t necessary, which is what he did against Arizona. That isn’t exactly helping the defense with terrific field position (the anti-Punterville if you will). Kyle Shanahan says it’s been bad angles and such, but there’s something Moody can work on. I guess pick your poison. Either kick it out of bounds with Moody or have Mitch Wishnowsky come in and suffer 30.3 yard averages on kickoffs.

Still, if that’s all fans have to deal with in this guy’s rookie campaign, that might be a pretty decent rookie year. Again, we’re four games in and he hasn’t missed a field goal or an XP yet. Jake Moody has a chance to be a lot of things. Roberto Aguayo he won’t be.

Even if he was picked in the 3rd round, bust potential is low.