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Kyle Shanahan speaks about the 49ers being “pissed” out of the bye week

The Niners attitude made a difference.

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The 49ers got back on track in Jacksonville with a 34-3 blowout win over the Jaguars following their bye week. The team played a full game in all three facets. Reinforcements arrived in the form of Trent Williams and Deebo Samuel. Chase Young impressed in his 49ers debut, and the pass rush was ferocious.

Kyle Shanahan spoke about the team’s focus coming off the bye week.

You mention the mental effect. What was sort of the mental effect of the way you guys played yesterday? Given all the concern after three straight losses to not only win but win the way you did and play that win that decisively, what was sort of the mood of the team? How has that changed I guess in the last 24 hours?

“I think we were excited. I mean, you go three weeks, losing those three games in a row and then have to take a week off to sit and just let it fester. I mean, we were sick of that feeling. I think guys came back from Bye Week pretty pissed. We were really looking forward to this game. I think the biggest thing that we emphasized all week was we weren’t going into that game trying to blow anybody out. We weren’t going into that game trying to score over 30 points. We weren’t going into that game trying to set anything. We were just going into that game trying to play as good as we could and not worry about anything else. That’s kind of what we emphasized all week. We feel if we do do that, we always have a chance for that game to end up like it did. But I think that was just more just what we focused on and we wanted to not think about anything else. I think that game was similar to a lot of our games, even some of our losses. But when it’s said and done, because I thought we made a number of mistakes on offense, I thought there’s a couple of things on defense, especially the screens and stuff, some of the penalties that got through there. We made a couple mistakes on special teams. There was a number of things, but when you just keep fighting and you keep going and eventually at the end you have zero turnovers and they have four, some of those things just end up taking care of themselves as long as you’re playing the right way. I thought our guys did that and they tried just to not look up and think about any of it and before you knew it the game got pretty lopsided.”

The 49ers were angry following their three-game losing streak. It showed on Sunday.