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The Baker Mayfield/Nick Bosa beef reignites on Sunday

“Oh Baaakerrrr”

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The 49ers and Bucs meet on Sunday, and an old beef will reignite between Nick Bosa and Baker Mayfield. For the uninitiated, Mayfield ignited the tension by planting an Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio State’s home field. Bosa never forgot that moment.

In 2019, Bosa’s coming out party was on Monday Night Football against the Cleveland Browns at Levi’s Stadium. Bosa mimicked the flag-planting moment following a sack of Mayfield. Following the game, Bosa doubled down with another celebration, planting a 49ers flag in the same fashion as his sack celebration.

The normally mild-mannered Bosa was in trash-talking mode and described his tactics post-game in 2019.

Now, the 49ers face Mayfield again, and to add another layer to the ongoing tension, Chase Young is now a 49er. This Ohio State/Oklahoma beef is fully on. The 49ers are coming off a dominant performance in Jacksonville against the Jags. The game was a statement. The 49ers intend to finish the season and reestablish their dominant ways. The Bucs are coming off a 14-point win over the Tennessee Titans.

Tampa Bay’s record sits at 4-5. Their record isn’t an indication of the team that is headed to Santa Clara. Mayfield has put together an impressive season in Tampa. Having weapons like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin helps, but Mayfield has posted an impressive stat line of 2,143 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, and five interceptions. His 93.7 rating is identical to his rookie year in Cleveland.

Bosa is coming off a four-pressure, two-sack, and forced fumble game against Trevor Lawrence and the Jags. Young matched Bosa with four pressures and added a sack and two hurries.

Both Ohio State alums will have Mayfield in their sights.

Bakerrrrrrr, watch your back on Sunday.