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Sunday Night Football thread: Russell Wilson vs. Josh Dobbs on National TV

Dobbs has been a great story, but all of those good feels probably come to an end tonight

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings are in the thick of the NFC playoff race as they sit 6-4 heading into Sunday night and are currently the 6th seed. Josh Dobbs has been everything and then some for Minnesota.

The Vikings will face a desperate Denver Broncos squad who is also fighting for their playoff lives. The Broncos are 4-5, 12th in the AFC, but the sixth-seeded Texans have four losses while the 14th-seeded Jets have six losses. So, nobody is out of it just yet.

Russell Wilson has been better as the season has gone along. The Broncos have plenty of weapons. I’d argue they don’t use rookie wideout Marvin Mims enough. They should be able to run the ball against an aggressive Minnesota defense.

This also feels like the spot where the balloon pops for Dobbs. Last week, at least statistically speaking, Dobbs was woeful in quarters one, three, and four. But he played out of his mind in the second quarter, which was enough to make a difference.

I’d expect an improved Broncos defense to put a stranglehold on a Vikings offense that will miss Justin Jefferson.