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How the schedule has put the 49ers at a rest disadvantage

There’s a reason why the 49ers looked so lifeless before their bye week.

Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The bye week for the 49ers couldn’t have come at a better time following three consecutive losses and the addition of Chase Young. Young will have the week to get up to speed with the 49ers’ defense, and Steve Wilks will have the week to tweak the 49ers’ defensive scheme and integrate Young to hit the ground running against Jacksonville. But could there be another factor that has led to the 49ers’ recent slide?

According to Sharp Football Analysis, the 49ers have been negatively impacted the most due to their league-worst “rest edge.” The 49ers have 20 fewer rest days than their opponents.

How do you explain this? The 49ers have faced two teams (Cleveland and Cincinnati) coming off their bye, with a third this week against Jacksonville and a fourth happening in Week 15 @ Arizona. Last week, the Bengals were off a bye with an extra day rest on the 49ers since they played on Monday Night Football in Minnesota. Short week for the 49ers with travel. Not ideal.

Also, throw in that three of these matchups are on the road. Taking a look ahead to Week 14 against the Seattle Seahawks, the Seahawks will be off a “mini bye.” Seattle plays on that Thursday in Week 13.

Young gets a chance to face his old team in Week 17, but that is also off a short week. Week 16 is the Christmas matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, which gives the 49ers six days before the Washington matchup. That is also a cross-country trip.

The 49ers have five games with a “rest disadvantage,” and the total days of disadvantage are 26 days. There is some good news, as the 49ers will have extra rest before their critical matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13 after their Week 12 Thanksgiving matchup with Seattle.

Not sure how the 49ers made the football scheduling gods so upset, but Kyle Shanahan did point out that the team looked slow on film against the Bengals. The schedule is what it is and teams have to play the games as they are scheduled, but this is some key insight into why the team seems to be dragging their feet a bit through these three games.

Hopefully, the 49ers can adjust their rest schedule and get the team back on track for the stretch run off the bye week.