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Golden Nuggets: This game day, let us feast on some Hawks

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

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Geno Smith likely to play in 49ers-Seahawks clash on Thanksgiving

“The 49ers’ two starting offensive guards head into an important Thanksgiving night game listed as questionable.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks do not expect starting running back Kenneth Walker to be available, but quarterback Geno Smith should be in the starting lineup, per coach Pete Carroll.

Smith sustained a hit to his right triceps in the second half of the Seahawks’ Week 11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Smith had to exit the game for three possessions with backup Drew Lock taking over. Smith returned for the final drive of the game.

“(Smith) did quite well today,” Carroll said Wednesday during his media availability. “We rested him for most of the week. In terms of throwing, he did very well today.”

When asked if Smith is playing Thursday night against the 49ers, Carroll answered, “I’m kind of thinking he is, yeah.”

Branch: 49ers’ Brock Purdy flexing surprising strength before visit to Seattle (paywall)

“I don’t know why we couldn’t sack the guy,” Carroll said. “We chased him all over the place. He’s not noted for being the greatest scrambler, but he looked like Fran Tarkenton out there today.”

Silver: How 49ers’ Brock Purdy rose from draft doubts to NFL’s top QB: ‘I was real with myself’ (paywall)

“Recalled Purdy: “They said, ‘Hey, we have one more pick in the seventh round and we’re gonna try to take you — it’s between you and a safety.’ I said, ‘Alright, sweet.’ I hung up and Googled what pick they had, and it was the last pick. I was like, You’ve gotta be kidding me.”


The couple spent the 49ers’ recent bye week at Brandt’s family farm in Sumner, Iowa, with his fiancée posting photos of Purdy driving a combine tractor and harvesting crops. They also returned to Ames for Iowa State’s football clash against Kansas. Purdy, the school’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, got a massive standing ovation after being introduced on the field during a timeout.

“I always bring it back to my identity, man,” he said. “I love the game of football. This is my job; I go balls-to-the-wall with it. I put everything I have, my time and effort, into it.

“But at the same time, who I am as a person isn’t wrapped up in it. I feel like if it was, I would go stir crazy and listen to people and care about people’s opinions and stuff. But it’s not my identity — so that allows me to play with a clean slate and think with a clean slate.”

Will this year’s Pro Bowl include Brock Purdy? Rating the 49ers’ candidates (paywall)

“Three quarterbacks will make the NFC’s first-team roster with Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles) — a Pro Bowler last year who also finished second in MVP voting — likely taking one of the spots. That leaves two more openings for Purdy, Jared Goff (Detroit Lions), Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) and others. Purdy sure seems like the best choice among that group considering he leads the league in completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating. If the voters agree, he’d become the first 49ers quarterback to make the Pro Bowl since Jeff Garcia in 2002.”

What Hufanga told Ji’Ayir Brown as 49ers rookie fills starting role

“Yeah, I talked to him [Hufanga], just wishing him the best,” Brown told reporters. “It’s a tough time for him and everything like that, so I just try and keep him up.”

Brown also shared that Hufanga quickly offered the rookie strong words of encouragement following San Francisco’s win over Tampa Bay, highlighting the strong bond between the two defensive backs.

“He hit me up right after the game when everything was going on and told me how great of a job I was doing,” Brown explained. “So I reached back out to him and just tried to keep his head high and stuff like that so he can stay in the right mindset.”