Post Traumatic Seahawk Dysfunction (PTSD)

We are removed from the thrilling win over our hated rivals up in the Pacific Northwest.

It's taking me a few days to soak it all in and take account of where the Niners and their fans have been when playing the Seahawks.

I live in Seattle. It's tough for us up here, but it's getting better. In the old days, Alex Carson (who was a former writer on this forum for a number of years) made it possible for us Niners fans to get together and celebrate our team during the tense Harbaugh/Carroll era. We once had a picnic where ten Seahawk fans showed up with the Seahawk mascot talkin' trash.

The Harbaugh era was tense. The Seahawks LOB era was a plague. Let's face it, Russell Wilson owned the Niners during his time in Seattle. So many times he would take victory from the jaws of defeat with his feet, a perfectly thrown bomb, his luck, and the good graces of the officials "looking the other way" during certain plays.

He's gone now. I still have to remind myself that he's no longer in a Seahawk uniform. Thank God!

In 2021, which was Wilson's last year in Seattle, he swept the Niners. Last Thursday, I fully expected the Seahawks to mount a comeback on the feet of Russell Wilson. It didn't come. Matter of fact, it hasn't happened in the last four contests including the playoffs. Since Russell Wilson has been traded, Seattle haven't beat the Niners. It's been four straight now against Seattle.

Seattle thought, specifically Carroll and Schneider, that they could take a retread QB, add a bunch of young guys who have promise and rebuild the LOB. If LOB stands for "Left on Beach", they have succeeded. They, Seattle, have been left behind.

The Rams are moving forward after selling all of their draft capital and have swept the Seahawks.

No one knows what Arizona is doing, but they try hard. Well hard at losing anyway.

The Niners traded three number one picks to select the Cowboys a backup QB. Normally, this type of action would turn a team into Arizona or Tennessee or Carolina.

Seattle was the one with all of the draft capital from the Wilson trade. Listening to those who give draft grades (which is ridiculous), Seattle apparently did a good job the last two drafts. Are there stars? Possibly. Their young secondary will get better, but their growth will be stymied by the lack of a consistent pass rush.

Seattle may have young stars on their offense - Kenny Walker, JSN, Charles Cross, and Abe Lucas. Unfortunately, this is the NFL and people get hurt. We Niner fans understand this all too well. So many times losing Jimmy G or Mostert or Jason Varrett or Bosa or Elijah Mitchell affected this team in a negative way. Now, it's hitting Seattle.

As time moves on, I know that I have been able to move forward from my PTSD (Post Traumatic Seahawk Dysfunction). It makes it easier when the very bane of our existence is playing for another organization and the Niners have won four straight.

Rest easy Niners fans. It's ok to get rid of your PTSD. Wilson is in Denver. Seattle is going nowhere and the Niners have Philly next.

Go Niners!!!

DISCLAIMER* This post was written in a satirical sense. It is not meant to detract nor minimize any issues people suffer from. If any of you actually do suffer from PTSD or any other form of mental health issues, please seek the help you may need.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.