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NFC Playoff picture: The 49ers won’t get any help in obtaining the No. 1 seed

Thankfully, San Francisco can hand the Eagles a loss this week.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

We still have one more game to go in the NFC for Week 12. That won’t stop us from discussing the playoff picture.

Here’s a look at the NFC Standings through Sunday:

Divisional leaders:

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)

2. San Francisco 49ers (8-3, 6-1 NFC)

3. Detroit Lions (8-3, 5-2 NFC)

4. Atlanta Falcons (5-6, win over NO)


5. Dallas Cowboys (8-3)

6. Minnesota Vikings (6-5, 6-2 NFC)

7. Seattle Seahawks (6-5, 5-3 NFC)

Still alive

8. Green Bay Packers (5-6, sweep of LAR+NO)

9. Los Angeles Rams (5-6, 4-4 NFC)

10. New Orleans Saints (5-6, 2-4 NFC)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)

Thanks for playing

12. New York Giants (4-8, two wins over WAS)

13. Washington Commanders (4-8, 2 losses to NYG)

14. Chicago Bears (3-8)

15. Arizona Cardinals (2-10)

16. Carolina Panthers (1-10)

While the Giants, Commanders, and Bears aren’t technically eliminated, they would get destroyed in a playoff matchup against you name it, so we’re not going to entertain the thought of those teams as playoff contenders.

Honestly, you could say the same for the Saints and the Buccaneers. Both teams looked lousy in Week 12, and they can be thankful that they’re in the NFC South.

As we continue to work our way up the standing in inverse order, I can say with confidence that the Rams are a better football team than the Seahawks. The Packers beat the Rams, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Green Bay sneak into the playoffs with how they've been trending.

Minnesota is on their 12th life. I keep doubting them, but they keep coming out on top. Perhaps a slip up against the Bears will bring the Vikings back down to earth. Needless to say, I’d have more faith in the 8th and 9th seeds than the 6th and 7th seeds.

Once we get to the end of the season, it’ll be interesting to see which team needs a win to get in. There may be a team who has clinched, and can afford to sit their starters. If that comes to fruition, and I'm, say, the Vikings, I want nothing to do with a rematch against a team like the 49ers.

Let’s get to the top two teams. It was a two team race for the NFC in August. It’ll be the same as we get into December.

The Eagles keep winning, but something is off with them. It took Josh Allen and the Bills throwing the game away for Philly to prevail. The Chiefs out gained the Eagles and dominated in every stat besides the one that matters.

Now, after an overtime win and a double-digit comeback needed, the 49ers will have a chance to add another loss to the Eagles loss column. They’ll have the rest advantage, and you know there will be revenge on the Niners’ mind after losing in Philadelphia during the NFC Championship.

The 49ers chances of obtaining the top seed and a Round 1 bye jumped six percentage points from last week, according to the New York Times simulator. They also jumped roughly four percentage points to win the Super Bowl. As a wise fish once said, just keep winning.