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Nick Bosa believes Chase Young can be ‘one of the elite pass rushers’ in the NFL

Bosa also described how the 49ers can stop the Eagles’ ‘Tush Push’

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Nick Bosa turning into a player who does the media rounds wasn’t something that seemed likely for the soft-spoken defensive star. But we’re talking about the same player who gives the team speech on Saturday before the game, so Bosa has plenty to say.

Here are additional quotes from Bosa’s recent appearance on KNBR, starting with the Eagles “Tush Push” that is unstoppable:

“I don’t know how they...get so much push. So, I’ll definitely be watching tape on it this week when we get into it. I’m impressed with how good they are it. We gotta be good on first and second, because we don’t have to deal with that.”

When Philadelphia gets opposing defenses in a situation where they have a yard to go, it’s automatic. It’s also unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Bosa makes an astute point. If you don’t want Philly to run the Tush Push then don’t let them gain eight or nine yards on the first two downs.

Here’s Bosa talking about the potential rest advantage the Niners have coming up this week.

“It’s definitely big. It’s not like you get a bye week. We played two games in ten days, so, it’s not like we necessarily got time off. But if you do get out of that Thursday game feeling pretty good, you can definitely build up an advantage. I think we got out of there pretty good, so it will be an advantage. Then again, we have to fly there. Both teams will be ready to go.”

The Eagles defense has to be running on fumes. We’ve discussed how they’ve been out gained in the previous three games. The Commanders did so, too. Philly’s defense has been out gained by 109 yards per game during the previous four games.

It’s one thing to give up yardage but that signals that they are not getting off the field. Since Week 8, the Eagles defense has played 72, 75, 79, and 95 defensive snaps. Tired legs are bound to catch up on that side of the ball eventually — especially if the Eagles are continually playing from behind.

Finally, Bosa bragged about his good buddy Chase Young:

“He’s more farther along than I even thought. I think he’s better than I even thought. Just watching him on tape, I think he can be one of the top elite pass rushers in the league. He needs a little time with that.

To go along with that, we’ve got dudes all along the line who are starting to hit their stride.”

Bosa has arguably been the best defensive player in the NFL since Young has been on the 49ers roster.

One angle to consider is Young taking a “discount,” a term used loosely, to remain in the Bay Area due to his friendship with Bosa and production. Young is on record about loving the organization and how he’s treated. Discount may be a bit much, but if the next two months go as planned, this won’t be an easy situation for Young to walk away from