Doubling my ticket price - seats reclassified to club / preferred

I am a season ticket holder of 2 seats since Levi stadium opened. To do so I bought a seat license for each seat which is effectively good for 30 years of which this is the 10th season. I sit on the suite side of the stadium in the second level parallel to the back of the end zone. Two weeks ago the 49ers told us that they are reclassifying our seats next season to club /preferred seats and raising the price from $225 to $456 per game. This is for all the season ticket holders in sections 232-235 and 243-246 which is roughly 1000 fans.

When I asked what my options are I was told that I could 1) pay for the seats at the new price 2) sell my seat license in their marketplace with 1000 others who are put into this position (if we can find buyers who will not pay pennies on the dollar) or 3) walk away from my seats which will then allow the 49ers to resell the seat license with no compensation to me. The 49ers are aware of the poor treatment of fans, like the 41 years season ticket holders that sit behind me.

I believe the fair treatment of the "faithful" fans is to offer us to 1) pay the new price and keep the seats (which they would be happy we do), 2) help reseat us to seats equivalent to those we now occupy or 3) purchase our seat licenses at the price they will resell them for. Since they will make at least $50k more per seat over the remaining 20 years of our seat license they should not further punish us or benefit them by having us sell our license at a heavy discount or give up our licenses for no compensation. They’ve turned a deaf ear to the affected fans. While it’s hard to get sympathy as a wronged season ticket holder, it’s quite unfair and a really terrible customer experience that should make all ticket holders worried about what’s coming next.

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