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Golden Nuggets: Welcome to Brockcember

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, December 1st, 2023

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On Brock Purdy’s quick recovery, his mental sharpness and the 49ers’ power of sleep (paywall)

“Last week, in fact, coach Kyle Shanahan encouraged his players to be lazy and sleep in on Monday and Tuesday so they could maximize their slumber before a short-week game in Seattle. This week, they’ll practice earlier than normal on Friday so they can get to Philadelphia before midnight and begin to set themselves to an East Coast body clock. When they board their charter flight Friday afternoon, they’ll be instructed not to nap on the plane — again because the training staff wants their body clocks in sync with Philadelphia time as much as possible even with the game not being the dreaded 10 a.m. body clock start. (Kickoff at Lincoln Financial Field is set for 4:25 p.m. ET, 1:25 p.m. PT.)


Bosa’s Jacksonville slumber was longer than normal, though not by much. Like Purdy, he has a strict routine before bedtime during the season. There’s never any alcohol or even sweets, which can disrupt sleep cycles. He ditches his phone early in the evening, puts on blue light-blocking glasses and is usually asleep by 9 p.m.

He said he likes to get more sleep — usually around 10 hours — the night before a game, especially when he’s on the road. To help with that he’ll chug a Som Sleep drink that’s infused with melatonin.

“I’ll take one of those if I really need a good night’s sleep,” Bosa said. “Sometimes your body’s so tired but you lay in bed and your mind starts thinking about the most trivial things. I think about obligations for the next day even though it serves no purpose for the moment. So (the drink) kind of quiets my mind down.”

Silver: Why 49ers and Eagles share ‘put up or shut up’ agenda in Sunday’s showdown (paywall)

“Here’s a confession: I walked into the 49ers’ locker room Wednesday thinking I’d write a cautionary column about convenient assumptions, and I left with a different mindset. Last Time Wasn’t Fair is most certainly a trap, but the 49ers don’t appear to be falling into it.


Most of all, they’re incredibly confident. The players I spoke to aren’t reckless enough to share those feelings on the record, but they believe the best team will win Sunday’s game and that this time the flight home won’t be morose and melancholy.

Come Sunday, they’ll have to line that s--- up and back up that unstated bravado. With unbounding determination — and some top-notch pass protection — they’ll try to achieve what they hope will be the inevitable triumph.”

Five Questions That Will Decide Eagles-49ers—and Maybe the Entire NFC

“What we haven’t seen consistently from Purdy this year is the ability to navigate the pocket while trying to locate an open receiver. If he already has a target in mind, the 23-year-old has no problem unleashing a throw, but keeping his eyes downfield when his immediate options aren’t available is another matter. On plays when Purdy has been moved off his spot but has remained in the pocket, he’s averaging minus-0.84 expected points added per play with a 28 percent success rate, per Pro Football Focus. Those are Mac Jones numbers, folks. And Purdy’s 12 percent turnover-worthy play rate in those situations is the main reason for those ugly figures. That’s the sixth-highest rate in the league, per PFF.


My prescription for defensive coordinator Steve Wilks? Get weird, dude. If the 49ers are going to avoid third-and-short, they’ll need to win—and win big—on first and second down. Holding Philly to 4-yard gains on early downs won’t cut it. Wilks must treat first and second down like third down, when defenses tend to get more aggressive with blitzes and pressures. We saw the Patriots and Vikings defenses both disrupt the flow of the Eagles offense with wonky game plans that included a lot of “Cover Zero” looks early in a series of downs. The Chiefs employed a similar plan and found success in a losing effort. “

Brock Purdy, Steve Wilks, Chris Foerster preview 49ers-Eagles Week 13 matchup

“San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, and offensive line coach and run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke with reporters before Thursday’s practice, as the team prepares for its Week 13 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Here is everything they had to say.”

Purdy not dwelling on past ahead of Philly return: ‘It’s a new year’

“If there is heavy rain in Sunday’s game, Purdy said he plans to wear a glove on his throwing hand, something he did at Iowa State but has yet to do in the NFL.

“If it’s a downpour rain, putting on a glove, I think for me at least, sort of just helps,” Purdy said. “Obviously a little bit more tack on the ball and whatnot. If it’s a light rain, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a necessity. I feel like I can grip the ball just as fine with or without a glove with a light rain.”