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75 percent of 49ers fans believe the team needs Sunday’s win as a statement

While it’s “just another game” to the players, it sure feels that way.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

When the schedules were first generated and revealed, there was a big red circle around the 49ers Week 13 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles. Any rematch between teams involved in the NFC Championship will draw attention, but the back and forth between both teams adds more tension. The Eagles believe they were the better team in January, and the 49ers are out to prove they were headed to Arizona for a Super Bowl berth before Brock Purdy’s injury.

Both fan bases have been at each other’s throats all week and, frankly, all offseason. The race for the number one seed is up for grabs, but the 49ers need to prove they can travel into Philadelphia and leave with a win. Seventy-five percent of 49ers fans agree with that sentiment.

A victory won’t return the NFC Championship, but it will send a message that the 49ers are capable of leaving a hostile environment with a win. Gaining the number one seed isn’t out of the question, but a win of this magnitude sitting in your back pocket will instill confidence in the entire team.

Along with the optimism around the 49ers headed into their critical matchup with the Eagles is a majority of 49ers fans who believe the team will run the table. Sixty-three percent of fans believe the team will finish the season undefeated, including matchups with Philadelphia and Baltimore. A win Sunday will go a long way in supporting this theory.

The 49ers will surely be favorites against Arizona, Washington, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Baltimore and Philadelphia lean closer to coin flips. Six more wins and the 49ers finish with a record of 13-4, with the hope it will be enough to secure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

As the good vibes continue, 96 percent of 49ers fans are confident in the team’s direction.

The 49ers have a tough challenge on Sunday, but a win can springboard this team into a magical run to a Lombardi. It starts on Sunday.