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Golden Nuggets: Aren’t Victory Mondays even sweeter in December?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, December 11th, 2023

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49ers LT Trent Williams lauds QB Brock Purdy: ‘Made of the right stuff’

“He literally can make every throw and you can’t show a throw that he can’t make,” Williams said. “I get it. Everybody is slow to give him his props because nobody wants to be wrong [and say] ‘Oh, he looks like a seventh-round pick now.’ But no, I think this guy’s made of the right stuff. Every time he approaches Sunday, you can tell this is the most important game in his life and he treats every week like that. His success is not a secret and it damn sure ain’t got nothing to do with the system.”

Thirteen games into his first full season as San Francisco’s starter, Purdy continues building a case that backs up Williams’ words.”

Kawakami: The 49ers are running left, running wild and running until somebody can stop them (paywall)

“I know anytime I hear a ‘run left,’ I basically treat it like I’m the No. 1 receiver, I’m getting the ball,” Williams said with a smile. “That’s my target, that’s my chance to make a difference and make some plays for my team.”

It’s not just about running the ball for this edition of the 49ers’ offense, of course. Not with Purdy looking better and more daring every week — he completed 19 of his 27 attempts for a career-high 368 yards with separate completions of 54 yards (TD to Deebo), 45 yards (to Aiyuk) and 44 yards (TD to Kittle).”

Brock Purdy’s big achievement: 49ers pass catchers have a chance to make history (paywall)

“Samuel, meanwhile, wasn’t the first option on the play. The offensive line, however, gave Purdy an unusually long time to throw. He said he noticed Adams was “sort of flat-footed” and knew Samuel would get past him.

“I was like, ‘We can get over the top here,’” Purdy said. “And so, I took my drop. He wasn’t necessarily the No. 1 guy in the read. It was actually Jauan (Jennings). But the way Jamal Adams came down, I was like, ‘This could be a big one.’ So (I) let it rip and let Deebo get under it.”

Said Samuel: “Whenever he sees something, he’s just gonna let it go. And you could see — I really wasn’t running 100 mph. But once I looked back and saw him getting ready to throw it, I knew I had to speed up.”

Branch: For 49ers’ last-in-the-draft Brock Purdy, flowers are hard to come by (paywall)

“With him being a Mr. Irrelevant, everyone is slow to give him his flowers,” Williams said. “If he was Zach Wilson, I think we’d probably be (saying) unanimous MVP and the next coming of Aaron Rodgers or someone like that.”


“I don’t get why people say he’s a system quarterback and has to show you more,” Williams said. “Because no system quarterback makes tight-window throws before (receivers break) - throwing people open … layering balls over linebackers who are in good position … so accurate. You watch a lot of his throws and the accuracy gives his guys a chance to run after the catch.”

Branch: 49ers’ Fred Warner enters franchise record book with game-sealing pick (paywall)

“Warner’s four picks equal the most in a season by a non-defensive back in team history. He joined Turner (1984), linebacker Jim Fahnhorst (1986) and linebacker Frank Nunley (1974).”

Source: Veteran cornerback Verrett to join 49ers practice squad

“Verrett took some time to consider whether he wished to continue his NFL career.

Verrett recently informed 49ers general manager John Lynch of his decision to sign with the 49ers, the source said.”