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49ers Reacts Week 15: Is this season a failure without a Lombardi trophy?


Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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The San Francisco 49ers are the number one seed in the NFC and riding high on a five-game winning streak following their season sweep over their division rival Seattle Seahawks. There is optimism that the team will win out, which would include their playoff run to Las Vegas in February.

The goal heading into the season is to raise the Lombardi trophy. That goes double for the 49ers, who have been on the cusp of greatness a few times under Kyle Shanahan. The team has stars at skill positions, added a star pass rusher in Chase Young, and the emergence of Brock Purdy has him in the thick of the MVP conversation.

Winning a Super Bowl isn’t easy. Only one team is left standing each year, with 31 other teams chasing greatness. Great teams fall short, some teams get hot at the right moment, and luck is involved when it comes to a championship run.

The question is: Is this season a failure if the 49ers do not win the Super Bowl?

In past years, I would explain how difficult winning it all is. Possibly, I would sometimes say it is not in the cards for the 49ers, and there is a chance, but it’s no certainty.

Not this year. If there was ever a season to finish the job, this is it. Purdy is operating this offense at a level not seen since Matt Ryan (that’s MVP Matt Ryan, by the way) with the Atlanta Falcons. The NFC has a shake-up in the hierarchy. Last season, the Eagles were the best team throughout the regular season and held homefield advantage. This season, the 49ers are the best team in the NFC and are flexing their muscles.

Health is the only obstacle in the 49ers’ way. When the 49ers are fully healthy, they look unbeatable. Deebo Samuel is in his 2021 form and turned into Samuel 2.0. Brandon Aiyuk is blossoming during his contract year while posting his second consecutive 1,000-yard season. George Kittle has been the best tight end in football. Oh, the defense grows stingier by the week, also.

Shanahan and the 49ers know what it takes to win games in late January. It’s time to finish the job.

There has never been a bigger opportunity than this season for the 49ers.

What do you think? Is this season a failure if the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl?