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Nick Bosa calls Jason Verrett an inspiration to the 49ers

Deommodore Lenoir called Verrett a ‘big brother.’

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The 49ers returned to the practice field on Wednesday and a familiar face joined them. Cornerback Jason Verrett, who recently signed to the practice squad, also had his old number 22.

It’s been quite the reception for a player on the practice squad. The players and coaches love Verrett. Kyle Shanahan said seven players went to watch Verrett’s workout, something that’s never happened to the 49ers. That should speak volumes about how the roster feels about Verrett.

Jason’s locker mate is Nick Bosa. Here’s Bosa on Verrett’s locker room presence:

“I feel like ever since I’ve been here, he’s been a part of the team, even when he’s not here. A lot of guys go through injuries. Not many people are able to make it back from as many as he’s been through. I told him yesterday that he’s an inspiration to us all. Just the mental aspect that you have to take into account when you’re going through that many traumatic injuries and recoveries. He’s definitely a special guy.”

Deommodore Lenoir was asked how it feels to have Verrett back in the locker room:

“We got our big brother back. Coming in as a rookie, he always had us under his wing. Me and Ambry, when we first got here, teaching us the defense. Just, for him to come back and see us progress, that was the like the best feeling. Also, being able to play with him again is lovely.

He’s proven in this league. He’s All-Pro rookie year. We have so much respect for him already, just knowing what he can do. Him coming back, we just want to learn more. See what we can apply to his game.

He’s like an open book [in the film room], coming to us with tips.”

The question is whether we see Verrett on the field at any point during the regular season, or if the 49ers elect to keep him as a potential postseason option if need be.