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The NFL announces a Brazil game; would you want to see the 49ers in it?

It’ll be an NFC team.

In this photo illustration, the San Francisco 49ers logo is... Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The NFL announced the first-ever regular season game in Brazil in 2024. The game, which will take place in São Paulo, will be one of five regular season games to be played internationally in 2024. This will be the first regular season game in South America and the fifth continent that a preseason or regular season game will be played.

The NFL will announce the teams designated for international games before the 2024 schedule release. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a continued partnership with Wembley Stadium to play their annual home game.

The 49ers played in Mexico City last season against the Arizona Cardinals. The crowd was largely pro-49ers, even on the international stage. The 49ers faithful travel very well in America, but this was a sight to see for the Monday night matchup.

It begs the question, if the 49ers were awarded the Brazil game, would the turnout be the same? What are the ramifications of the travel on the team? How would it affect the team’s energy and sleep?

To answer the first question, I’m willing to bet the fan base would show up and show out in Brazil. As far as the travel schedule goes, Kyle Shanahan and the team have shown themselves to be proactive in helping their players get acclimated to new time zones and cutting down flying. On East Coast trips, for the most part, the team stays and practices in Youngstown, Ohio, before heading to their final destination.

The NFL is intent on growing the game internationally. Ideally, sending your best teams will help pique the interest of fans, more than any team who would agree.

What do you think? Would the trip to Brazil be too hard on the team? Will you be in attendance if they are awarded the game? Should the NFL prioritize sending better teams as opposed to just a team that agrees?