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Golden Nuggets: The NFC West title would be a nifty late birthday gift for Kyle

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, December 15th, 2023

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How Steve Wilks found his rhythm and got the 49ers rolling like never before (paywall)

“Along with Javon Kinlaw and Drake Jackson, Thomas is one of the young players Wilks took special interest in as far back as the spring.

“What I love about him most is that he’s emphasizing working on the details,” Wilks said. “I always talk about the details and competing against yourself. And I can see that with him each and every day.”

Deebo excited for Verrett reunion after hoping he’d return to 49ers

“Oh, man, what’s so crazy is I’ve been in contact with Jason Verrett for a while,” Samuel said. “Just checking how he’s doing ever since he had his injury, just getting a feel for what he was thinking about doing.

“And once he told me he was thinking about coming back, I wanted to do my part in getting him back over here because I’ve known J.V. for a while, and I know how good of a player he can be and the stuff he’s been through.”

Two ways the 49ers can clinch NFC West title Sunday

“The 49ers (10-3) control their destiny Sunday, with a win or tie against the Arizona Cardinals making San Francisco the division champion. However, if the 49ers lose, they still can win the West if the Los Angeles Rams (6-7) lose to or tie the Washington Commanders.”

Darnold blown away by Purdy’s ‘next level’ play as 49ers QB

““So when we saw that earlier, Brock is really good at that — he’s really good at understanding how players are playing in games and when those things come up, being able to take advantage of certain looks,” Darnold said.

“There are certain plays and coverages where it puts guys (defensive players) in binds,” Darnold said. “Brock is a fast processor that way. He can understand what the defense is doing, obviously, tied to our concepts.

“He’s really good at being able to read defenses and going through his progression really quickly.”

Darnold also pointed to Purdy’s preparation and being able to carry over the talking points from Shanahan and quarterback coach Brian Griese from the quarterback room into game situations. Darnold said the discussion includes how defenses might try to disguise coverages. A team can try to trick Purdy into believing they’re playing one defense, then rotating into something else at the snap of the ball.

Purdy has an ability to recognize those changes and react accordingly.”