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Broncos vs. Lions thread: Will Jared Goff and Detroit bounce back against Denver?


Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

The Lions are a different beast when they’re at home. And what better defense to go against than a Denver unit that is soft against the run. The Lions could be a potential playoff opponent against the San Francisco 49ers.

They’re currently battling to be a top seed. But recent losses have cost Detroit. If anything, it’s exposed them. But, as we said above, the Lions love to run the ball and that’s an area where the Broncos struggle. Detroit’s offensive line should have ample success tonight.

The question is whether their defense can get a stop. The Lions surrendered 28 points to Justin Fields and the Bears last week. Before that, 28 points against Derek Carr, and 20 points prior versus Jordan Love.

Tonight could be higher scoring, but Sean Payton has a tendency to call plays conservatively this season. Perhaps that’s an indication of how he feels about his offense. I think Denver is a bit of a paper tiger and the Lions win tonight.