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5 questions with Revenge of the Birds: Can the Cardinals make up for the talent gap?

Only a few players from Arizona would see the field for the Niners

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Seth Cox from Revenge of the Birds helped us get to know Arizona’s roster better ahead of today’s matchup. Here are his answers to our five questions.

1) How has Kyler Murray looked in his four starts since coming off IR at the beginning of November?

Fine. Not good, not bad, but fine. He’s had moments where he looks like a guy learning a new system and not having any time in it til October.

Then he’s had moments where he looks like the guy who can be the franchise.

I think everyone would just like to see a little more consistency these last four games as they head into a massive offseason of decisions.

2) Although Arizona isn’t technically eliminated from playoff contention yet, the focus for this organization and it’s fans has likely shifted to the off-season. What players have made an impact this season and look to be building blocks heading into the next step of their rebuild?

Murray, James Conner, Trey McBride, Paris Johnson Jr, Will Hernandez on offense. So that’s only five players on offense.

Defensively it is B.J. Ojulari and the safeties in Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson. You’d assume Kyzir White as well, but he’s on IR, so no guarantees.

So only 8-9 players that you really can hang your hat on as building block starters.

You have excellent rotational guys in Dennis Gardeck, Dante Stills, Jonathan Ledbetter, but I don’t think anyone would call them building blocks.

So, a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.

3) What was the Cardinals' downfall in their previous matchup with San Francisco and was there a positive from that game that you would like to see them take advantage of this time around?

Talent. I mean, see above, you have maybe 3-4 of those guys who would see time on the Niners team.

Everyone else wouldn’t crack the lineup and some may not even crack the depth chart.

So, when you just look at the overall rosters, you see the huge disparity between the two teams and realize that a guy like Josh Dobbs is not good enough to make up that ground.

Maybe a 100% Kyler Murray is, but that doesn’t just mean physically, it means a guy who has 20 weeks in the system, not seven.

That being said, the positive was they had a chance to cover the spread and that needs to be the goal again. Obviously, you want to win the game, but baby steps.

4) If there was one player on the Niners that you could take and place on the Cardinals roster, who would it be and why?

Nick Bosa. At the end of the day, there are a number of great players all over the Niners roster, but the reality is that Bosa is maybe the best defensive player in the NFL at one of the most important positions in the league.

Have to get a shot at getting a guy like that on your roster if you can.

A close second would be Brandon Aiyuk, who is transforming into one of the best wide receivers in the league and is the big bodied type of playmaker the Cardinals lack right now.

5) DraftKings Sportsbook sets the total at 48.0. Is Arizona’s chances of victory better if it goes over or under, and which do you expect to happen?

Umm. I don’t think either of them. If it is a slog, then it likely means the Cardinals are maybe scoring 10.

If it is a high - scoring affair, at least the Cardinals are moving the ball and can put points up against the best defense in the NFL, which again is a small victory.