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Week 15 thread: Early game window

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Week 15 is upon us. The season goes so quickly. Let’s look at the early slate.


Chris Olave is out. Tommy Devito is on fire and the Giants are one game out of a wild-card spot. Unfortunately, we have to watch Derek Carr.


Joe Flacco is the Browns' full-time starter. What year is it? Somehow, Cleveland is in the thick of the AFC race for the playoffs


The Panthers are on track for the number one pick in the draft. Oh wait, that isn’t their pick. Either way, I’m so excited to watch Arthur Smith mismanage his roster.


Jordan Love plays football today. Coming off a loss to the Giants, it will be interesting to see the Packers' response.


Is Aaron Rodgers returning? A win today from the Jets will make it much more possible.


Patrick Mahomes needs his game check to pay off his fine for criticizing the NFL official. Couldn’t resist. Either way, we may be in the final days of Bill Belichick’s tenure as the Patriots coach.


CJ Stroud is out. DeMeco Ryans is a bonafide coach of the year candidate. The Will Levis evaluation continues!