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Golden Nuggets: My pick for team MVP

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, December 21st, 2023

Silver: Pilloried or praised, 49ers coordinator Steve Wilks stays above the fray (paywall)

“With Jalen, we knew he was very effective in stepping up into those A and B gaps,” Wilks said, “and we couldn’t give him those. We felt like if we could get him to get outside the pocket, with our speed we could run him down. What a lot of people haven’t talked about is the back end; they covered their ass off. That’s really the key to it all, being able to have sticky coverage when he starts to (move) — we call it ‘plaster.’”

Underdog Ravens feel ‘disrespected’ ahead of 49ers showdown

“Underdogs have won the past seven games on “Monday Night Football.” It’s the longest streak of underdogs winning outright in “Monday Night Football” history, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.”

49ers mailbag: Who’s their most indispensable player? NFL MVP conundrum? (paywall)

“The ignition to the flame is the running back and the ability for you to be able to use that guy in different ways to take advantage of the matchups you’re going to get,” Ryan said. “And (McCaffrey) has been exceptional. That was one of things I thought was a game-changer for us: We were so good in third-down situations because we were able to use our backs. Defenses accounting for where that back is just opened up so many things over the middle of the field. And that’s an area that (Shanahan has) had so much success as a coordinator.”

49ers vs. Ravens: Nick Bosa on the challenge of facing Lamar Jackson

“I’m sure it’ll be similar in the sense that when we do take care of their run stuff and get them into those 3rd-and-long situations, just being smart, not getting too down the middle on your rushes,” Bosa continued. “And there was a couple the other night with Kyler that we want back for sure, but for the most part, we did a good job.

“But yeah, just not getting too cute with your rushes and just closing that pocket in, rushing together, and closing up those gaps is pretty much the premise.”

49ers injury situation at defensive tackle worsens

“He’d become an important part of a 49ers defensive tackle rotation that’s become seriously banged up. With Davis on IR, San Francisco only has Javon Kinlaw and Kevin Givens healthy on its roster. Javon Hargrave and Arik Armstead are both dealing with injury problems that forced them to miss the team’s game against the Cardinals. For Hargrave it’s a hamstring issue. Armstead has foot and knee ailments he’s working through.”