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Offensive snaps and grades: The 49ers got coal for Christmas

A breakdown of how many snaps the Niners offense played.

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

Monday’s Super Bowl preview didn’t go well for the 49ers. Turning the ball over five times is a sure way to lose football games. The offensive line had a tough time protecting. Receivers dropped passes, and players committed penalties. Overall, it was just a disjointed and sloppy performance for the team.

Let’s look at the grades and snaps from Monday’s game.

Quarterback - Brock Purdy 51 (64.9), Sam Darnold 19 (55.9)

Purdy was injured during the game but was cleared to go back in the game. Kyle Shanahan stuck with Sam Darnold to finish the game with the offensive line having issues. Purdy tossed four interceptions, with some being bad luck and poor decisions.

Darnold moved the office as Baltimore allowed throws to be completed, but the game became closer during his time in the game. But Darnold did toss the only touchdown of the game for the 49ers.

Running Backs - Christian McCaffrey 70 (55.5), Kyle Juszczyk 28 (48.8)

McCaffrey finished with 100 plus rushing yards for the eighth consecutive game. Forty-six of his yards came after contact with a long run of 39 yards. Three of McCaffrey’s runs went for ten-plus yards, and McCaffrey finished with 7.4 yards per attempt and a rushing touchdown.

Deebo Samuel was the only other player with a rushing attempt.

Wide Receivers - Deebo Samuel 67 (55.5), Brandon Aiyuk 66 (75.2), Willie Snead IV 25 (55.7), Chris Conley 12 (52.4), Ronnie Bell 3 (78.8)

Brandon Aiyuk finished with 113 yards, but it took a while for Aiyuk to get going, and it mostly happened with Darnold under center. Aiyuk finished with 18.8 yards per reception. Samuel finished with four catches on 11 targets for 11.8 yards per reception. Ronnie Bell caught the only touchdown of the night. Willie Snead IV caught one of his two targets.

Tight Ends - George Kittle 62 (73.2), Charlie Woerner 16 (54.6), Brayden Willis 1 (59.8)

Kittle shined on primetime again with seven catches for 126 yards on ten targets. On the first drive, Kittle took a long catch into the red zone, and Kittle finished with the highest receiving grade of 75.0.

Offensive Line - Colton McKivitz 70 (40.5), Jake Brendel 70 (62.3), Jon Feliciano 70 (55.4), Aaron Banks 65 (75.4), Trent Williams 32 (75.2), Spencer Burford 26 (36.2), Jaylon Moore 12 (65.2), Ben Bartch 5 (57.9)

The focus of this game is the injuries to Trent Williams and Aaron Banks. Colton McKivitz struggled as he allowed nine pressures. McKivitz finished with a 25.5 pass-blocking grade. In total, the offensive line allowed 22 pressures, 17 hurries, two QB hits, and three sacks.

Baltimore continued to pressure Purdy all night. Protection will be key for the 49ers and their playoff run.