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Golden Nuggets: Stinger? I barely

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, December 29th, 2023

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Purdy chalks up rough Ravens performance as ‘learning experience’

“Given that the Niners had never been in such a situation with Purdy under center, it was a new scenario for him to tackle. Even though there was still plenty of time on the clock, Purdy said he found himself internally struggling between trying to get back in the game with big plays but also worrying about turning it over again.

“It’s just not being in the right state of mind as a quarterback, having the aggressive trigger to make the throw the big play, but also, shoot, you don’t want to turn the ball over again,” Purdy said. “It’s a sucky state of mind to be in. But that’s the learning experience of going back and just taking it and saying every play has a life of its own. You have to take it one play at a time and not try to win the game by a couple of big plays. And when I’m thinking like that, I just wasn’t in the right state of mind towards the end when we’re trying to get back into it. So that’s the learning experience.”......Shanahan rewatched the game with Purdy on Tuesday, and the two discussed where they could have been better. Shanahan and Purdy discussed why each turnover happened, but Shanahan also told his quarterback that the tape showed a player having a rough game with normal coaching points like he would any other week.”

What’s a stinger and is 49ers’ Brock Purdy prone to keep suffering them? (paywall)

“However, Williams did acknowledge stingers are typically “one-off events.”

“It occurs,” Williams said. “It wears off. It heals. The person lives happily ever after.”

If so, why did Purdy suffer two stingers in nine days? Williams said it’s “within the realm of possibility but unlikely” that Purdy had an anatomical change, such an enlargement of muscle, that has made him more prone to the injury. It’s more likely, however, that Purdy wasn’t fully recovered from his first stinger, even if he had no symptoms.

“Sometimes people can have clinical recovery,” Williams said. “They feel better. You test them. Everything looks better. But there’s still some recovery going on with the nerve physiologically. It may not be completely normal yet even though we can’t detect dysfunction by examination or that person is unaware of any ongoing dysfunction. So it may have been subclinical, but still at risk.”

Silver: Skip the toxic fan mentality and enjoy these 49ers, Super Bowl or not (paywall)

“As the 2023 49ers prepare for a less consequential road game Sunday against the Washington franchise now known as the Commanders, I find myself reminiscing about that ’83 NFC title clash for a very specific reason. It’s a glaring example of something that seems to be nearing extinction in the modern era of sports spectatorship — a cherished memory not validated by a championship.”

Chase Young’s return with 49ers a reminder of all that’s gone wrong for Commanders (paywall)

“I think the worst thing that ever happened to Chase was getting drafted at home,” said Fred Smoot, a longtime NFL cornerback and Commanders analyst. “The talent is undeniable, but being at home, in his backyard, that kind of stunted his growth.”

Bosa outlines 49ers’ mindset for Week 17 clash vs. Commanders

“I think Kyle did a really good job in the team meeting of putting it to bed, and we’re moving on,” Bosa said. “I think when you look at it, there are a lot of silver linings. And with a team like this, how we’ve bounced back before and how mature of a group we are, it could be a benefit for us down the road.”

Bosa pointed to the 49ers’ ability to keep the game close at halftime despite three turnovers, as well as forcing the Ravens to settle for three field goals in six possessions deep into the red zone.

“I don’t think we needed a wake-up call, but I think you learn from all of the experiences you have and I think it just emphasizes the fact that we need to stay in the moment,” Bosa said.”

49ers’ Young downplays significance of matchup vs. Commanders

“Jacoby, he knows how to manage a game,” Young said. “He knows how to not lose a game. He’s been in the league for a lot of years, so he knows how to play that position very well.”