Is Purdy Great?

I need to get this out there for my own benefit. There have to be others who think clearly, right?

Ever since week 10 last year, Purdy has been on a trajectory to stardom. Some have jumped all over that bandwagon and have all but sized him up for a gold jacket while others refuse to give him any credit, pointing to the system and players he benefits from as the only reason for his success.

But just like politics, those have to be the extreme groups. The other 80% of us fall somewhere in between "He is the new Tom Brady"(Faithful) and "He is Overrated"(Cowherd, Wright). The excitement for any one player is hard to temper because we are watching kids turn into men and professionals before our eyes in real time. Then we get to see the fall, live, as well (Antonio Brown). Watching players, especially QB's, is a lot like watching a rocket. Based on the expectations placed on a given player we can make predictions of what we as fans think we will see from them. Brock came in with low expectations and leapt of the launch pad like a space shuttle when most would have been ready for something closer to a bottle rocket.

We are still watching him ascend and hopping that he makes it into orbit, becoming that franchise guy. This is where I will get push back from the true believers, but here me out. We have seen Brock do... ALMOST... everything. Now, the caveat to this is that he can't check off boxes if he has not been put in the situation to prove he can do it and do it consistently. For example, I need to see Brock lead multiple game winning drives. It is hard to do that when you are beating the breaks off your opponents. I also need to see him lead multiple 10-17 point comebacks. As Niners fans when we face Mahomes, Brees, Favre, Brady, Wilson, Warner, all the great QB's he is being compared to, you are always thinking in the back of your head that this guy is always going to give his team a shot. They all did it, multiple times, and its not unreasonable to be patient and wait to see if Purdy can replicate before we give him his bust in Canton.


Purdy is a product of his system.

Deep breathe.

Put Purdy in Arizona, Denver, New England or Chicago and tell me he is leading those teams to a 9-3 record. Inversely he is definitely making those teams better or at least no worse. QB's drafted in the NFL in the 1st round make it to their second contract with the team that drafted them, roughly, 30% of the time. 1 in 3 will be considered successful by the team that picked them. I am a staunch believer that a bad team can and will ruin a great QB. Outside of Manning and a few others who got drafted high by bad teams, young kids at QB do not single handedly turn franchises around.

Purdy benefits from a professional front office, a top notch coach and a fantastic roster. So did Brady. So did Rodgers. He can be elevated by his surrounding while still being a QB with the right make up to be great. These things are mutually exclusive but the directly feed into the other.

Is there a QB in this league who you think has all the talent in the would and would flourish if they could only go to a different team? (Me: Fields)

Is there a QB who you think is holding a team back and should move off of him? (Me: Tannehill ~ I know they have)

When the quality of QB and the quality of team are not working in tandem they both suffer. Brock looks great in SF. He may look good in other spots too. He could look terrible in some as well. There are many of us out here who recognize that this a Super Bowl caliber team with a top 5 coach, and at least a top 10 QB. Giving flowers to one does not take away from the accomplishments of the other. Brock could not be doing this on his own, and as we have seen this team was not this good with any QB not named Purdy.

Bang Bang.

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