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Golden Nuggets: Welcome to the Bay, Logan Ryan

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

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49ers game review: How the Eagles were schemed up and beat up (paywall)

“With the Eagles forced to start two backup linebackers, Nicholas Morrow and Christian Elliss (who was making his first career start), Purdy didn’t attempt what might be his trademark throw: those sover-the-middle, timing-based intermediate tosses to pass catchers between the hashmarks that highlight his anticipation and touch.

Shanahan eschewed such longer-developing pass plays to minimize a mismatch — Philadelphia’s pass rush against the 49ers’ offensive line — and created matchups that favored the 49ers.”

49ers overreactions: Can team afford both Deebo, Aiyuk long term?

“Will it be difficult for the 49ers to sign Brandon Aiyuk to a new contract while continuing to pay Deebo Samuel top dollar? Yes.

Will it be impossible? No.

At this point, with Aiyuk and Samuel being such integral parts of the 49ers’ offensive machine, it’s more difficult to imagine them not remaining with the organization for the long haul.

Look at the salary cap as more of a suggestion, rather than a rigid barrier. If the 49ers are determined and committed to retaining both players on large contracts, they are smart enough to find a way to make it happen.

The 49ers already have picked up Aiyuk’s fifth-year option for next season with a guaranteed salary of $14.1 million. The sides can work out a multi-year extension in the offseason that guarantees Aiyuk more money but also provides a team with salary-cap savings for next season.

The problem will be arriving at the number that works for both sides. There are 13 receivers in the NFL making an average of at least $20 million per season. Aiyuk can be expected to join that group — somewhere in the mid-20 million range — with his next contract.”

49ers cut another third-round running back, make room for safety Logan Ryan (paywall)

“Ryan spent his first seven seasons as a cornerback and last played in the NFL in 2022 with the Buccaneers, playing nine games with six starts and collecting 37 tackles and an interception for Tampa Bay.”

49ers mailbag: Where does Brock Purdy rank among Kyle Shanahan QB favorites? (paywall)

“Do you remember the episode of “Seinfeld” in which Jerry, who’s had no long-term success with any of the women he dates, meets someone exactly like him — they even have the same initials! — and ends up getting engaged?

Jerry: “Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years — myself! I’ve been waiting for me to come along. And now I’ve swept myself off my feet!”

That’s Shanahan, except he’s known for a while now that he’s been waiting for a version of himself — someone who’s in sync with his brain, who can see things precisely the way he does, who can carry out his vision for the offense — to come along at quarterback. And now that Purdy’s here, he’s totally swept Shanahan off his feet!”

Lombardi: Nick Bosa and the 49ers executed a team-first defensive game plan in Philadelphia (paywall)

“The strategy centered on preventing Hurts from picking up big yards with his legs, and that meant rushing him in a disciplined fashion. The 49ers voluntarily gave Hurts more time to throw, gambling that the pros of showing pass-rushing restraint — choking off QB running lanes — would outweigh the obvious cons in coverage.....

“There’s so many different matchups every week,” Bosa said. “Some weeks, you’re going to hit your move and get the sack. This week, the entire focus was closing it in, closing it in, and making him do what he does. And it was effective. It’s a lot of running. It’s a lot of power. So you’re gassed out there, so you have to push through. That was the game plan and I think we executed it pretty well.”

Bosa smiled in the locker room after the game, appreciating what he saw as an unselfish mentality from the defensive line. Despite the boatload of pressure that the unit had generated, none of the 49ers’ stars up front had logged a sack. But to Bosa, that was proof of the team’s disciplined commitment to the game plan of containment.

The cherry on top for the star edge rusher came through the fact that two less prominent defensive tackles, Javon Kinlaw and rookie Kalia Davis, were the players who got on the sack board Sunday. Bosa ambled over to both Kinlaw and Davis individually, congratulating his teammates with a smile, handshake and a big hug.”

Deebo Samuel backs up big words with big plays in 49ers romp

“Indeed, Samuel remains one of the NFL’s reigning kings of yards after catch. The Eagles entered Sunday’s matchup allowing the third-fewest yards after catch per reception in the NFL. Samuel gained 116 yards after the catch in Philadelphia, the second-most in a game in his career, as the Niners racked up 216 yards after the catch, their most in a game this season and the most allowed by the Eagles since Week 1 of 2022.

For his career, Samuel is averaging 9.6 YAC, the highest rate of any receiver with 50-plus receptions, and also has nine career receptions with 40-plus YAC, tied with A.J. Brown for most since both entered the league in 2019.”

Peter King gives unique insight into Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch relationship

“Kyle goes in, talks to John Lynch, and the next morning, I phone Lynch and I talk to him about it,” King said. “He goes, ‘I talked to Joe Williams on the phone today for 30 minutes. I really wanted to interview him. Kyle wants him and we have to decide whether we’re going to go for him.’”

Williams ran for 1,407 yards and 10 touchdowns in just nine games with Utah in the 2016 season. That included a 332-yard, four-touchdown game against UCLA and a 222-yard showing at the 2016 Foster Farms Bowl.

Shanahan and Lynch came together to ultimately select Williams with their fourth-round pick.

“You know what, he failed. That’s not the story,” King continued. “The story is that Kyle could’ve put his foot down and said, ‘Damn it, we’re going to be taking him.’ But he didn’t do that.

“He said, ‘John, I really want to take him.’ And Lynch talked to him and instead of being forced into taking him, John Lynch basically agreed with Kyle; maybe because he wanted to give this one to Kyle, but he agreed with Kyle and they picked him.

“That has been their working relationship. It’s not a dictatorial thing from either side and that’s one of the things that I think long-term bodes really well for how this relationship is going to work.”