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Trent Williams on wearing all-black to Philadelphia: ‘My mindset was gonna be time to kill’

Williams wasn’t the only 49ers player to show up pre-game in all black, but said it wasn’t coordinated.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 49ers came, saw, and conquered in Philadelphia. After trailing 6-0, early, the Niners went on a run that left the Eagles battered and bruised en route to a 42-19 victory.

The 49ers players entered Lincoln Financial Stadium with a statement, by setting the tone and wearing all black:

Left tackle Trent Williams spoke with analyst Ryan Clark about his wardrobe choice:

“A couple of weeks ago, I already knew that I was gonna come all black. That was gonna be my mindset. My mindset was gonna be, you know, it’s time to kill. We’re going to a funeral.

And it’s crazy. I didn’t discuss that with anybody else. It just so happened that other guys on the team felt the same way. It was such a coincidence. Honestly, that was the mind frame. Come to kill the competition.”

Williams and the rest of the 49ers offensive line played as well if not better than they had all season. That unit was superb.

Both the offense and defense never let up. And if you think Williams was playing around with his mindset regarding his opponent, take a look at Williams in the clip below:

Everyone else is all smiles while Williams pounds his chest and lets the crowd know serious he was.