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Kyle Shanahan ‘would be surprised’ if Arik Armstead plays against the Seahawks

Armstead isn’t expected to have a long-term injury.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan gave a list of players who won’t practice on Wednesday:

DT Arik Armstead (foot, knee)

RB Elijah Mitchell (knee)

TE Ross Dwelley (ankle)

RG Spencer Burford (knee)

CB Darrell Luter (hamstring)

Wide receiver Ray-Ray McCloud is limited with a rib injury.

Shanahan said he’d be “surprised” if Armstead plays against the Seahawks on Sunday. The good news is that Armstead’s injury doesn’t sound like it’ll be long-term. If Arik needs rest, early December is the time for him to heal as the Niners need one of their best players healthy for a January playoff run.

Here’s Shanahan’s full quote on Armstead’s injury:

“It’s not ACL, MCL, nothing I would be able to remember to tell you guys. I’d be surprised if he’s ready this week. We still haven’t ruled him out yet, but it might be a week or two.”

Then, on if it’s a long-term injury: “I hope not. I can’t rule im out for this week, but it’s the fact that I’m saying already that I’d be surprised if he played this week, just got to see how long it lasts.”

Javon Kinlaw would be the next man up in place of Hargrave. The defense would also rely on Kevin Givens a bit more. Kinlaw has performed quite well in limited action this season. Kinlaw is averaging right around 20-25 snaps per game. He’s gotten pressure and made his fair share of run stops.

He currently ranks 40th in run stop percentage and 27th in pass rush win-rate among all defensive tackles, per PFF.

Here’s Shanahan on Kinlaw:

“It really started about, I want to say almost right when we got back from our Bye Week, since then Kinlaw’s game has gone up each week. I think it gets better and better each week. He’s finally strung enough practice together and being healthy this season that I think he’s really starting to get into true, he is in football shape but he is starting to play enough to where he improves every time he plays now. Same with the practice field. I think he’s really helped us out and he’s taken some big steps going forward.”

Kinlaw is an unrestricted free agent after this season. So whether it’s one game or for the next month that he’s called upon to start, Kinlaw has plenty to play for and a chance to earn himself a contract, whether it’s with the 49ers or another organization.