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54 percent of 49ers fans believe the Eagles are the biggest threat in the NFC

Do you agree?

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The NFL is a week-to-week league. One week, a team could be on a collision course with a Super Bowl win, and the next, that same team could be “toast” and not even make the playoffs. With the ebbs and flows of a season comes reactionary analysis from mainstream NFL media and talk shows. For example, following the 49ers blowout win over the Eagles, analysts and pundits have crowned the 49ers as the big dog of the NFL. For 12 weeks, that title was Philadelphia’s.

Now, with the 49ers coming down the stretch of their schedule, the question becomes, where do the 49ers slot in the NFC playoffs? This week, Seattle comes to town, and with a 49ers win, can essentially lock up the NFC West. Christmas day will be the next big test for San Francisco, as Baltimore is a top team in the NFL and could be a Super Bowl preview.

49ers fans should be confident against any opponent when they execute and play their best game. Still, we polled 49ers fans, and 54 percent of fans believe Philadelphia poses the biggest threat to the 49ers in the playoffs. Regardless of Sunday’s outcome, I agree that Philadelphia is the best team behind the 49ers.

Dallas has played well of late, but this feels like their annual stretch of beating teams they should, and the yearly “Is Dak an MVP candidate” discussion. The Cowboys have one win against an opponent with a winning record, which came last week against Seattle. Twenty-eight percent of fans believe Dallas has the best chance to beat the 49ers.

Up until Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions and their high-powered offense looked like a matchup nobody wanted. A loss against Jordan Love and Green Bay has cast doubt over the Lions’ legitimacy as an NFC contender. Only 18 percent of fans are worried about Detroit in the playoffs.

Life is good for the 49ers heading into their matchup with Seattle, and 49ers fans are ultra-confident in the team’s direction. Ninety-nine percent of fans believe in where the team is going. The NFL is a week-to-week league, but the 49ers are in position for a special run and ending to the 2023 season.