The Shroud of Turin

As a youngster I used to be fascinated by that thing... I remember reading books about it in the library and thinking it just might very well be real. Kinda like the Bermuda Triangle and quicksand and lots of other things. How exciting would all that stuff be, right, were it to be true?!

It was a fun childhood in some ways, but in others it was not.

But I'll never forget the open-minded joy of trying to read about stuff and figure out if it was legit or not.

I'm not religious, but I still kinda wish that Shroud of Turin had turned out to be real just because. Quicksand and the Bermuda Triangle? Not so much. haha

As for the 49ers, since I guess so far this FanPost isn't relevant to them... um... yeah, it's still too soon. I just can't... Love the team, but don't love their seeming curse to either be awesome and then get derailed due to injuries some years, or just suck in others. Ugh.

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