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Golden Nuggets: Schadenfreude coursing through my veins

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, February 13th, 2023

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Texans hiring 49ers assistant Bobby Slowik as offensive coordinator: Reports (paywall)

“Who replaces him now? The top candidates are quarterbacks coaches Brian Griese and Klay Kubiak, the latter of whom seems to be the latest young, sharp mind on Shanahan’s staff. Tight ends coach Brian Fleury also is a candidate. He shared run-design duties with offensive line coach Chris Foerster this past season and also is thought highly of by Shanahan and his staff.”

Montana admits biggest weakness during 49ers career

“I don’t think I threw the ball, like, deep along the sidelines as well as I threw it deep down the middle or anywhere else,” Joe Montana told CBS Sports Network’s Jim Rome on Wednesday’s “The Jim Rome Show” at Super Bowl LVII Radio Row....I think that was probably the biggest weakness I had, trying to get the ball up fast enough. My arm strength was I had really good arm strength, but I didn’t have great arm strength. So if Jerry [Rice] got a free release or [John Taylor], I had hurry up, getting the ball out of my hand, he did not run me.”

49ers QB Brock Purdy’s recovery could extend into November if surgeon alters plan

“There’s this backup plan of having a hybrid surgery, which means a little bit of the graft, and then an internal brace, which can be anywhere from seven to nine months,” Purdy explained.”

Branch: How much more big-game pain can the 49ers endure? (paywall)

“Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jackie Slater, 68, maintained playoff losses, no matter how brutal or frequent, only serve as fuel. He speaks from experience: In the first four seasons of Slater’s 20-year career, from 1976-1979, the Rams lost in two NFC title games and a Super Bowl. Those Rams went on to make five playoff appearances in the next seven seasons, although they didn’t win a title.

“There’s turnover every year on every roster,” Slater said. “There might be 15 guys on the 49ers that won’t be there next season. But the core of that team, those leaders, they will keep spreading that news about how close they were and what they have to do to be better. And they’ll do that until the last one of them is left. Because I know that was the way I was.”


“I’d much rather go through the pain of losing in big-time games than the pain of going through rebuilds and seasons where you can’t even win a game,” Warner said. “That’s never been our issue. We’re just trying to get that last little bit to take us to the top.”