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Deebo and Aiyuk were right about the Eagles defense; Robbie Gould about Jalen Hurts? Not so much

Re-visiting some quotes from Super Bowl media week and reflecting on how those look a week later.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Some 49ers fans were turned off by the players talking about the Eagles throughout Super Bowl media week, but when they did their tour, they were asked specifically about the NFC Championship.

So, when Eagles cornerback Darius Slay said Brandon Aiyuk’s comments are “weird,” Aiyuk is simply answering what he was asked.

Deebo Samuel didn’t mince words during his appearance on ‘I AM ATHLETE.’ Samuel said he respected Slay, but called James Bradberry “trash” and said he was a product of Philadelphia’s defensive line.

Bradberry, a free agent who was drafted in the second round when Steve Wilks was the defensive back's coach with the Panthers, is far from trash.

Either way, Deebo is speaking his mind in a setting that he’s comfortable in. I’d rather hear these types of answers than long-winded sentences full of fluff.

Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, who might be the Arizona Cardinals head coach by the end of the week, benefits from defensive line just as much as Bradberry.

Aiyuk and Deebo’s comments come off as improper, since the 49ers lost in the NFC Championship. Again, they are answering the questions asked and weren’t wrong. The Chiefs went up and down the field against the Eagles defense all night, even after Patrick Mahomes appeared to re-injure his ankle.

The Chiefs' offense scored 31 points on 53 plays, and if you think they weren’t scoring on the drive regardless of the long punt return, then you weren’t watching the same game I was.

The point is, Deebo and Aiyuk were correct. The Chiefs gained 340 yards despite having the ball for under 25 minutes while averaging 6.4 yards per play.

Robbie Gould’s comments received just as much attention as he said, “if you make Jalen Hurts play quarterback, you’re probably gonna have a pretty solid day on defense.”

Hurts completed 27 of his 38 passes for 304 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for 70 yards and three touchdowns. Hurts finished with a 71 percent success rate on the ground, but was equally impressive with his arm.

I’ve seen the argument that Hurts did not play as well in the second half. There was one drive where the Eagles did not score before the final drive of the game with eight seconds. The 3rd & 14 throw to Dallas Goedert along the sideline was Mahomes-esque.

Before Hurts suffered an injury, he was the runaway favorite to win the MVP. Naturally, his play tailed off after an injury to his throwing shoulder. But he was the most accurate deep ball thrower statistically for most of the regular season and the primary reason Philadelphia was in the position they were.

Gould’s comments turned out to be as wrong as Aiyuk and Deebo’s comments were right.