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Golden Nuggets: Buckle up. It’s gonna be a looong offseason

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, February 16th, 2023

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Key NFL offseason dates and what they mean for 49ers

“Players are still legally under contract until 1:00 pm Pacific Time on March 15. At 9:00am Pacific on March 13 teams can negotiate deals with pending free agents from other clubs. Teams up to this point are allowed to negotiate with their own free agents. While deals may be agreed upon in this window, they’re not official until the new league year begins (more on that shortly!) For the 49ers, any of their pending free agents they haven’t worked out extensions with will be able to explore the free agent market.”

What a Nick Bosa extension could look like

“The prediction? A five-year, $150 million extension with $115 million guaranteed and $92.26 million fully guaranteed at signing with a $49.18 million signing bonus. It’s a six-year deal worth $158 million. The first year amends his fifth-year option, which dips substantially to provide extra cap space for the 49ers.”

State of the 49ers, OL: Progress made, but even more investment is necessary (paywall)

“As far as the run game’s elevation, the midseason addition of McCaffrey was indeed instrumental. The 49ers went from No. 26 to No. 3 in run offense DVOA before and after trading for the star running back. But most of their improvement didn’t come at the snap of the finger.”

Brendel eyes free agency after proving worth as 49ers starter

“It’s been an uphill battle, starting from me being undrafted to a few injuries early in my career,” Brendel told NBC Sports Bay Area at the conclusion of the 49ers’ season.”

Nine 49ers players who PFF ranked among the top 10 in their position groups

“Patrick Ricard of the Baltimore Ravens owned an overall grade of 71.2 and is the only fullback with a higher grade than Juszczyk’s...Below are the eight other players who ranked within the top 10 in their position groups, per Pro Football Focus.”

Ian Rapoport discusses where Jimmy Garoppolo could play next season

“There are going to be some other really good teams that are interested in Jimmy. I would say the Bucs would be, although I don’t know if they have the money. The Panthers, the Titans, maybe the Raiders if they decide to spend on a quarterback. Although, Jarrett Stidham was pretty good, so if the options are Jimmy Garoppolo for $30 million or Jarrett Stidham, that’s actually an interesting discussion ’cause you can use the money elsewhere.”