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Steve Wilks is set to interview with the 49ers today

Wilks looks to become the latest defensive coordinator under Kyle Shanahan. The previous two have gone on to be head coaches.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Joe Person, who covers the Carolina Panthers for The Athletic and also has Christian McCaffrey as Twitter avi, confirmed that Steve Wilks is set to interview for the 49ers’ defensive coordinator job Monday.

Looking at how Wilks’ previous defenses have performed statistically to get a better idea of how that’d translate to the 49ers is good in theory, until you look at the players he’s coached.

There haven’t been any Nick Bosa’s or Fred Warner’s on the rosters Wilks has coached. In fact, and while he’s had talent, most of the defenses or teams he’s been responsible for have been led by players on rookie contracts.

None of us know what Kyle Shanahan is specifically looking for, but during his press conference last week, Shanahan said he’s looking for a coach who had a similar scheme and someone who fits us “personality-wise.”

That final word screams Wilks to me. You can see Wilks’ personality express itself during his postgame speeches. And while that isn’t something you can put on your resume, the clips speak for themselves:

That is a coach who is in control and came into games with a plan that his players were aware of. The videos above are a reflection of what a celebration looks like when everyone is on the same page.

Some 49ers fans are bummed they missed out on Vic Fangio, who joined the Miami Dolphins as their defensive coordinator. If Wilks is the hire, it’ll be because of his communication that he showed above just as much as his the X’s and O’s on the field.