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Golden Nuggets: Brace yourselves... Brock Purdy isn’t getting Tommy John surgery

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, February 9th, 2023

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Brock Purdy to have surgery in late February, be ready for training camp [report]

“The timeline discussed by the 49ers was six months, with Purdy getting an internal brace in his elbow. It’s the same surgery that former 49ers quarterback Nick Mullen underwent, with a return to throwing in three months and a full return to action in six months....Rapoport confirmed that is the expected timeline, which, if it holds, could have Purdy back for the start of training camp. Training camp dates aren’t released until the summer, but last year began on July 27.”

Joe Montana Was Here

“Brady won three Super Bowls in four seasons and then stalled. A decade passed. One night, working on a story, I drank wine and smoked cigars with Michael Jordan in his condo. We argued about sports and watched ESPN. A “SportsCenter” poll asked viewers to vote for either Montana or Brady as the greatest quarterback and this set Jordan off. At that moment Brady only had three titles and Montana had four, but the idea of the undefeated nature of time hit Jordan hard. “They’re gonna say Brady because they don’t remember Montana,” he said. “Isn’t that amazing?”

Hutchinson: Breaking down how 49ers could handle top free agents

“If you’re the 49ers, is [Ebukam] worth the deal? Maybe. But they tend to go for mid-level upside swings at defensive end. His previous deal, and the prove-it contract to Arden Key are good examples of that. Someone like Anthony Nelson from Tampa Bay, a freak athlete who’s a 26-year-old unrestricted free agent, could fit that mold.”

“I just want an opportunity to compete”: 49ers’ Trey Lance doesn’t expect to be handed anything

“Brock played way too well, and Brock played at such a high level and handled himself the right way. I wouldn’t want it to be a situation where I’m just handed something. And I feel horrible, obviously, Brock for his injury. But for me, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Whether it’s his, he’s going to be better for it. Mine, I’m going to be better for it. And I’m excited to just get on the field and compete. That’s all I want an opportunity to do.”

State of the 49ers, DBs: INT-happy 2022 featured big improvement on back end (paywall)

“It turned out to be money well spent. Ward held opposing passers to a middling 89.8 passer rating. He allowed four touchdowns in 20 starts and was perhaps the most reliable tackler on the field. His high-water mark came in Week 15 when, with the division title on the line, he shadowed the Seahawks’ DK Metcalf and refused to be outmuscled by the big receiver.,,,Not much else went according to plan at the position, however.”

Christian McCaffrey explains what makes 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan a ‘genius’

“I think the first thing I learned is he understands all 22 positions and everyone’s job on every single play,” McCaffrey explained. “He can teach you about the defense just as well as he can teach you about the offense. And he knows exactly where the ball is supposed to go on each play. And there’s a purpose to every play, and sometimes the purpose might be to set up another play. And it’s the timing in which he calls the play, and it’s who he’s getting the ball to, and it’s when he’s getting the ball to me.”

49ers’ Trey Lance clarifies misunderstanding on “fully cleared” timeline

“I did misspeak when I was doing my exit interviews, and I said that I would be fully cleared in the next three weeks,” Lance told Rich Eisen on Wednesday. “But that was cleared to run, not ‘fully cleared.’ People took that in a very different way, and my [physical therapist] gave me a hard time about it, I’ll say that.”