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Kittle: It’s Brock’s job to lose

Kittle explained how there will still be a competition in the summer with Purdy’s injury, but what Purdy did last year will make it difficult to unseat him as the starter.

NFL: DEC 11 Buccaneers at 49ers Photo by Tony Ding/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

49ers tight end George Kittle sat down with Von Miller and was asked whether Brock Purdy is the future of the 49ers. Kittle reminded Miller that Jimmy Garoppolo is a free agent and that Trey Lance hasn’t gotten a fair shot yet:

“I don’t know what’s going on with Jimmy. He’s a free agent. So whatever happens, happens. Trey lance is still there. Trey, unfortunately, has not really gotten a fair shot at being an NFL quarterback.

He got a full rain game monsoon against the Bears. And he got hurt in the second game. Trey’s got plenty of talent. He just needs to get out there and play.

But you can’t talk about Brock Purdy with what he did. He’s fantastic. Our offense was operating at the highest it's been since 2019. In my opinion, it’s Brock’s job to lose.

But there will be competition because Brock will be out until training camp with his surgery. It’s going to be interesting. But when you find a guy like that that can seamlessly jump in, it’s his job to lose.”

Kittle scored 23 percent of his career touchdowns once Purdy took over. With that in mind and the team’s success, how could he not want Purdy to be the starter? It’s difficult to argue how efficient the offense was under Purdy. The talent was there, and he executed.

This storyline will likely dominate the offseason. It’s mostly common sense. The players will want the quarterback who helped them roll into the NFC Championship riding a double-digit winning streak and scoring roughly five touchdowns a game on the way.