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Purdy: ‘There could be some question as to getting a hybrid surgery, which is reconstruction with the internal brace’

The 49ers QB provided the details for his upcoming surgery, including why it hasn’t happened yet.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy joined KNBR’s Papa & Lund show Thursday to provide the details on his surgery decision. Everyone involved is hoping Purdy’s rehab after surgery gives him the opportunity to compete before the regular season starts.

For starters, Purdy is confident in Dr. Meister, who will be the surgeon in Dallas:

“In terms of the surgery, going down to Dallas for a surgeon named Keith Meister, well known, and he’s the best at doing UCL repairs and surgeries and everything. So I trust him. He does like 200-plus of these a year, so one of the best of the best. So in good hands.”

We need to keep in mind that this information will be fluid as Purdy seeks what’s best for him. But based on Purdy’s latest comments, there’s still a chance that Brock needs a hybrid surgery:

“Everyone’s saying it would be the best for just my career moving forward to get the surgery and get the repair with an internal brace. Still, there could be some question as to getting a hybrid surgery, which is reconstruction with the internal brace.

So we’re going into it thinking the repair with the internal brace, for sure. All the surgeons have said that and that’s what we’re hoping for, and get a six-month recovery in and be ready for camp.”

There’s a difference between “hoping” and what the verdict will be. Purdy continued, knowing it’s the doctor's decision:

“Yeah, that’s Dr. Meister’s call. He’s done this year after year with the best of the best with MLB pitchers. So, he’s definitely seen this kind of thing happen, and he’s going to make the best call, and not just for the heck of it. It’s obviously for the best call for my career moving forward. And he knows what’s best, and he’s going to make the best decision for us, so it’ll be good.”

Purdy is in a tough spot. He wants to get back as soon as possible and continue what he started. As George Kittle said, it’s his job to lose. But Brock needs to think big picture and ensure he’s fully functional.

For the process to go smoothly, Purdy was left with little to no choice for a delayed surgery. He spoke about how the inflammation and fluid in the elbow needed to subside. Pair that with wanting to get multiple opinions, and that’s why Purdy won’t have surgery until February 22.