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Golden Nuggets: Prayers up for Brock’s surgery

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, March 10th, 2023

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Murph: On the eve of Purdy’s elbow surgery, the only certainty is the uncertainty

“And that brings us to Purdy’s elbow and everyone’s new favorite medic, Doc Keith Meister from the Texas Rangers. (Is there some sort of particle goodness that Meister is on Bruce Bochy’s Texas staff? I’m grasping for anything here.)”

Kawakami: Exploring all 49ers QB options — yes, starting with Lamar Jackson (paywall)

“I checked around myself on Wednesday and was told that the 49ers are looking at everything, as always.”

49ers set NFL record, net league-high 7 compensatory draft picks

“But it’s also a reminder that just one of those 11 picks is in the top 100 (three in the top 102), so it’s going to be a year that leans heavily on area scouts stumping for under-the-radar players.”

49ers sign Colton McKivitz to a two-year deal

“McKivitz spent his first three seasons playing both tackle and guard but could be an option to replace Mike McGlinchey at right tackle. McGlinchey is expected to leave in free agency.”

Branch: Right man at right tackle? 49ers keep Colton McKivitz with two-year extension (paywall)

“McKivitz could enter the offseason program as the leading candidate to replace McGlinchey among a group that will include Jaylon Moore, a 2021 fifth-round pick.”

49ers safety Tashaun Gipson plans to play in 2023

“According to Matt Barrows of The Athletic, Gipson plans to play in 2023. He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next week. Should the two sides agree to a mutually beneficial contract, San Francisco is interested in bringing the safety back.”

Build your own 49ers rosters: Can you do better than our beat writers? (paywall)

“How would our versions of the 2023 49ers fare against your teams? Unfortunately, we’ll never find out, but let’s open the discussion. Below are both cap-compliant rosters. David Lombardi’s is first. He finished with $3.22 million of salary-cap room to spare, while Matt Barrows’ team — pictured second — has $1.32 million left to spend.”