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49ers were represented at Odell Beckham Jr.’s private workout

Due dilligence or legitimate interest?

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angele Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The 49ers always do their due diligence in the player personnel department. According to Jonathan Jones, the 49ers were in attendance to watch Odell Beckham Jr.’s private workout in Arizona Friday afternoon.

There were 11 other teams on hand, all getting a glimpse at the former superstar wide receiver. Free agent negotiations begin Monday, so OBJ wants to prove that he still has his explosiveness.

The 49ers signed Jauan Jennings to a one-year tender a week ago. They also drafted Danny Gray in last year’s draft. Add in Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey, and there aren’t many targets to go around for Beckham.

The counter-argument would be, a healthy Beckham brings much more to the table than an unproven Gray or Jennings. The 49ers were at their best last year when they had five versatile eligible threats on the field, and Beckham would be the fifth option.

But it’d make sense for OBJ to go somewhere where he’s closer to the second or third option, making San Francisco a long shot to sign him.